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Confirmed dates!!!!

In case someone follows me and lives in Berlin and they wants a good sex. I will be from April 26 to May 3. I will have a place to attend, super discreet and private. And in Palma de Mallorca From May 10 to May 15. The site in Mallorca is in an aparthotel, we must be very discreet both parties. If you want to take advantage of those days, to meet me in those cities, by appointment and from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m., you can call me through Whatasapp +34691480780 And from now on you can see...

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Getting out of whores after the party!!

A little good but a lot!!! Depends what are you looking for! The truth is that I have discovered the sex of the day, the half hour or an hour, without alcohol or drugs is very good. My conclusion is that it is much more sensitive and pleasant. There are many men and young people, who drink and drug themselves and quickly relate it to calling an Escort or Prostitute. I’m sorry, but when one is normal, I can not stand cocaine. Well, many times even they can not stand themselves. In addition, coca customers usually come in a few ways, as they pay, they are entitled to everything. Well, your company gives you a salary and that’s not why you have a right, no? Or you are the owner of a business and that does not give you the right to do what you want with the employees. Thus, it seems that it is seen, but in the other way it is not seen. As prostitution is associated with fun and sex, clients think that you have the right to do everything and how they want. As I always say, I’m in this profession because sex is a matter of two and I like to enjoy and enjoy. And with a person who comes up with coca and keeps putting himself, he just wants you to eat it,...

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I am surprised how the man fuck very bad. The matures and the young.  Even They don’t want to learn it. And they think as they pay for the sex It’s just the pleasure for them. This is, like the one who works for a company. Because your boss pays you. You will not be at your will. In the sex work sector, many people are confused. It is not a profession that because you pay me, the service is based on only the enjoyment of the one who pays. I work in this because I like to enjoy sex apart from what we all do, work for money. There are two options, working as a prostitute and making deaf ears and doing “Yes I do, yes I do” and faking orgasm !!! or work as a sex worker and learn to enjoy with all kinds of men and try to get like them to orgasm. And above all enjoy the two. What better choice and what better fortune to work on what you enjoy. I also apply it to myself. Sirs not because you are on the side that you pay, you can fuck like that. Fuck like animals without you feeling anything at all, in reverse, we are suffering and we are wishing to end. In France, I have a lot of clients from all races of...

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