Cris Blas Escort in Madrid, Geneva, Paris all this summer!

Things only happen rarely, but they do happen, the service of Escort, sexual service for money.

I always say that I’ve been working like this for 7 years because, apart from making money, of course, I also enjoy with my work. A “love-worker,” I’ve found it. And people always ask me, “Do you find everyone strange?” and I always answer that in all of this time bad things have happened to me 0.01% of the time. And so the good experience compensates for that low percent, so much more, that I feel so good.

But the other day a customer calls me asking for an appointment. And he proposes to have a drink and a “white party.” I tell him clearly that if he wants a white party then I will smoke my porrillos (joints). It is 10pm and I am almost finishing. If he wants to come over, he could stay until 1am at the latest and not later. At that hour, I am quite strict with time. There are guys, who come to your house and bring a bottle of whiskey and a party. They think they are doing you a favor and they are solving your Saturday night. And right then, they catch you on Saturday night because what you least want is to drink and have a problem. All you want is for a quiet customer to come over, have a good conversation and a good fuck and for each of us to go sleep.

After a while, this customer calls me again and asks if I want him to come over. I re-emphasize everything and ask him if he wants to come over. He tells me “yes”.

I do not force anyone

In the end it happens. No conversation because he could not even speak. Not good sex because He did not listen to me or react. Nothing of pleasure or of a good time. All I wanted was for it to be 1am and be over. What’s more, I knew that later he would fight to be thrown out. This type of client is one of those that you have to throw out because they will never take the initiative nor will they respect you. I get paid when they pay me and I did not ask for the money at the beginning. But after a little while, I asked for my pay. There was something that made me not trust him. He didn’t want to but I was so insistent and did not give him any option or let it go. I no longer trust clients, especially those who are drugged. Well, my suspicion was correct: “He does not want to pay me.” Two hours pass and it’s 1am and I get up to shower. I was well aware that at that time, I did not want to cause a big conflict. And less with a character like that! When I came back from the shower, I looked where I had left the money and saw that he had taken half of it. My suspicions were super correct. The worst thing of all is that according to him, he returned the money.

How shabby

I had to tell him more than 20 times to leave my house. Normally, I am alone at home. But on that night, I had a friend who was sleeping over to help me the next day with a matter. Hearing me so upset, my friend had to leave and everything. The customer left, well, because I had to tell him 6 more times to leave. So little respect. You open the doors of your house to one person and they steal it! And not only that, but it makes you angry. Afterwards, you have to be careful not to mess up anymore. What I lacked with my neighbour, messing up on the landing of the house. That counts!

The customer said he did not spend more than X and he only wanted to pay me that. Nobody forced him to come to me.

And the next day, you talk on the phone to another one who asks if I make outcalls just to order me around, to tell me where to go. That’s how many assholes spend their time.