For me, it is a metaphor that the Earth has spoken.

The earth has acted upon our destructive behaviour. She has developed a virus that does not kill animals or plants, only humans.

My reflection is that this is the result of our actions.

Many of us have been saying it, the system needs a radical change! In the end, with the earth own fear response of a virus more contagious than the flu, the earth has managed to leave us locked in our homes without being able to leave. Punished!

In the end, it has been that we are having a radical change, yes or no!  Since it has not come from ourselves, The earth has caused it. This leaves us in quarantine for a month or more, we’ll see.

Let’s leave the speculations that the human being himself has created this virus to harm us for political and economical interests, I don’t think there are such diabolical heads, nor do we have the capacity to create such a customized virus.

As I said on other occasions, the human race is the one that must go extinct. If we don’t do it, I see that the Earth can do it. Although thanks to the intelligence that we have developed and the prepared people that we have, the earth is not going to be able to be rid of humans.

We have that luck and ability.

I think we should pay more attention if we want to continue living here because it seems that nobody likes to die. So let’s start changing these bad habits and take care of our planet so we don’t have to be locked up. This is not the way to live!

There is a lot of talk about climate change, but that is little and very slow. It is being observed that air contamination rates are decreasing. A virus had to come to show us that a radical change can be made.

From my humble existence, I hope that all this will serve for something and we will benefit in a positive way. Above all, let’s learn. This world that we have created of overconsumption through marketing and advertising, has to stop.

The Earth has spoken, let us listen.

When this happens, we will not return to normality and make the same mistakes again.

Don’t forget. Let see this as a lesson now and forever.

Radical change of habits.

Let companies see that they do not need to have their workers controlled in the office, everyone leaving and entering at the same time, causing a stressful and polluted rush hour scenario. Leave the taxi drives to do the works in a comfortable and relaxed way. All those delivery men, taxi drivers, bus drivers, etc. must all be delighted.

May this serve to teach us how to be more with ourselves and not so depending on each other.

With this experience, we have also learned that online teaching is possible. That children also know how to be alone with themselves and that families spend more time together. I’m not saying 100% online teaching, but why not 50%?

Many parents and children are together for the first time for more than two weeks.

You will also learn to eat at home and learn to cook. To clean your own house yourself.

Namely, enjoy being at home. Technology has made it easy now. We can be entertained for hours, days, weeks and months. I hope not years!


The online social world.

I have been travelling for six years and many times I have felt alone and bored. Because of my work, I can’t be out there all day either because you have to have a schedule that makes you available to clients, as everyone has their schedules. Being locked up at home was a test that took me a while to get used to but I managed to do it and now thanks to this, I know perfectly how to enjoy this situation of being locked up.

Many times I see events in cities that I wish I could be there I was not at that time. Well now, since it is totally forbidden to physically meet, online events have been encouraged and online parties have started.

Now I delighted because, for example, activities in Zurich, I can participate in. Like everything in life you can see the positive or negative part, I see the positive.

The other day we even had a little party online with friends from Madrid. It was super fun!


For a long time, I have cared more about happiness than the economy.

I have been in various economic and emotional crises. Sometimes, locked up in psychiatric hospitals for a month and a half, tied up for a day or two and this now for me, this time being locked up is like being in a hotel. I have been worse, without a doubt! I have the internet, my computer, I can make calls whenever I want to and I can watch television lying down and whatever I want.

The confinements of the psychiatric hospital I tell you are worse. They continue, with that protocol that they can get anyone who enters to be diagnosed with bipolar or schizophrenia. Who can control anger in such a situation? The first time, very few.

Another thing that would have to change is the protocols.

So thanks to the type of life I lead, the experiences lived through, this world crisis, for me, it is a time of relaxation and a reflection.

Opportunistic moment

Great ideas come out of crises. When minds get bored they start creating. We will see what comes out of this crisis. I hope everyone is positive in the long run. I am optimistic!

Maybe properties will go back down in price! Maybe, from now on, rush hour will fade and the streets of big cities will be less aggressive. Maybe neighbours will start to get together again, like when I was little.

Let’s learn to be still.

Let’s all start at 0. If I can, you can and if you can, everyone can. It has to star with the individual.

Sorry, Earth and thanks for giving us more opportunities.