I would like many people see the good atmosphere that exists in this profession of sex workers, we do it because we want, independently and we like it. We are normal people with our lives, families, friends, hobbies, responsibilities, etc … We are a normal personnel, with our jobs. I do not understand that it is not regularized and not legalized yet.

I will not repeat it, but what happens with those people who work in the world of sex and charge for it? I am also sure that it is really necessary that we exist.  What an absurdity! At this point in life. I could say that we do it like many homosexual men but charging. Women sell more in that sense. The women should also start paying for sex, she would discover many more things. If you do not have sex or find good sex, hire it. If you hire even to help you get dressed !!! It would have to be seen as something normal, which is what it is, Sex, nothing more.

There are so many absurdities in this life that a lot of people follow and I still do not understand it.

How to continue voting for politicians. What are those who are directing our lives and doing it so badly and we continue to give them that job and responsibility? . But how absurd we are also there!

And look at the food, how it kills people and yet it is legalized and regularized. In addition to having through bad treatment of animals, ingredients that cause cancer, consumption habits that kill. And it also chases you through all the TV channels full of food from all sides. This is fashionable gastronomy. This more than absurd is serious.


Let’s put it in fashion.

Why is not sex taught everywhere, it does not kill, does not harm, and is good for everybody?

The answers always to this type of questions are the same “Interests”.

What interests? Who are the interested parties? 10%? And the other 90% ?, Are we going to be more and we will be able to be less ??? Why is the money always more than people? It’s still absurd, right?

Everything is absurd! Do not you feel absurd?

As for the surveys on prostitution, I would like to be able to do that study myself. That is always the answer to my profession. “The fact is that the polls say” That 90% of prostitutes do not do it because they want to. “Mister, 99% of the prostitutes that do it eligible, do not say it and hide it, these statistics are nothing viable or unreliable, but nothing.

To legalize prostitution you have to control it and that is the big problem, which is directed in such a way that no one dares to enter. And meanwhile it continues … !!!!

I do dare! To end prostitution not chosen and forced. And I know how it can be done. Dedicating it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year  everyone doing it all a little.

At the moment, you know when a girl does it because she wants to or not. If the client detects that he would have to go directly to the police. But of course, many pay for sex, but they will not admit it openly. And so is the whiting that bites its tail. There is almost nothing done because no one wants to admit openly that they charge or pay for sex. Another absurdity !!

I collaborate, I help, I claim high and I am not ashamed of what I think or what I speak. Because what I do is not absurd at all. It is well-being, quality of life and orgasms. The wonderful words for a publicist.

Sexual Worker is a profession

I leave the links of two prostitutes who try as I do to make this normal and legal world.

As prostitution is regulated worldwide.

Even a client can go to jail for using your services in some countries.

Why, anyone talks about their profession freely and we can not?

I find very much with the question “what do you do?” I always say it openly if you ask me. I’m Escort, company girl. I laugh many times inside, because I am surprised and sometimes on the faces it shows.

I charge for causing orgasms! And if I also have, well much better!