Escort Girl in Madrid, Geneva, Paris.

Spanish Escort Girl learning French and English.

I have decided, I want to learn good French and good English and for that I have to do it in the country where it is spoken. Staying in Madrid, I delay learning and I have to put much more effort into it.

I’ve been traveling outside of Spain for about four years and the truth is that I already have the method I learned, how to work independently wherever I go. And if I want to thrive in the languages ​​and also save and buy the apartment where I live, I have to go outside Madrid to work, because if I dont do it, the purchase of the apartment and the learning of French is going to be eternal. And seeing how it is becoming fashionable in Madrid and seeing how people behave.I don’t want to miss the opportunity to buy my own apartment in Madrid. And to buy it, I have to go to other European cities where the pay is better.

So I’ve decided, I’m going on route for a few months or years I could say better. To travel where my instinct takes me. I’m sure it’s going to be an adventure that when it will be over, it’s going to be the best !!! I do not know how it’s going to be, but for doing it, it’s not going to be !!! In a few years I will see the result of this decision. Leaving my routine, home, friends, family in Madrid, I’m very lazy, but with laziness nothing is achieved.

Who does not risk!

So, I notice that I’m going on the 13th of August to Paris. I’m returning to Madrid from Septembre until October 1st. And this time, I have no idea when I will return to Madrid, but I know it will be for a long time this time.

Meeting new customers and seeing new places in the word! Having a good future without tensions. That is my purpose !!!