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It is not that I’m bossy but if I do not say how to do it, I would be doing positions that only the men enjoy and the women do not. Among the feigned orgasms of women, movies and pornographic films, turns out that the missionary’s posture is only pleasing to men. How can women touch the clitoris with that position? there is no way you can reach it and touch it.  And like me! Most women should stimulate the clitoris externally to start having pleasure. Stimulating the clitoris with penetration, the orgasm becomes more intense and the anal becomes much more. But I would say that at least 80% of women, pleasure and stimulation begins with the outer clitoris that is between the tiny lips. This is not taught at school because it seems to be dirty. But according to the faces I see when someone is having an orgasm I can see that it is not either unpleasant or painful.

Sex education, please.

The most important thing  I can not understand why there is no sex education. The orgasms are such incredible natural pleasures, that I repeat myself, I do not get to understand that it is not taught and it is spoken naturally. What I find incredible, especially in women is that they have not got an orgasm in their lives. The orgasm, especially at the end of it, the climax, you only have to see the faces. To make sure that it is incredible. And as I say, no all the orgasms are the same. But everyone has their seconds of pleasure.

I have learned to extend them in time. It’s a matter of dedicating more time.

That sex so animal, fast and without pleasure in women must  disappear.

How it depends, when and where you are born.

I am very fortunate be born in Madrid at this time when it is so open for sexuality. I was lucky  not to born in countries that still removed the clitoris in women.

Orgasm is so pleasant that we don’t know where this story of the ablation come from. But Why is just for women and not for men too?

It could come for the strength of men, anyone says nothing to them, they kill you.

I imagine that this control towards women not to have orgasms. The theory of possessing becomes sick and reach extremes.

Topic change.

I leave some photos that I have taken them in the apartment where I lived 5 years rented and now I say goodbye to Leganés,. And my intuition tells me, that I will not come back again.

I'm in Geneva at this moment.