Company woman.

Company woman, I define myself as more than girl a company woman. I am a woman but it didn’t start with my period.. I am in my mid 40’s. The 45 years old exactly. And the truth is that the experience you have at this age, you don’t have when you are in your  20’s, or  30’s. And for a job like this, maturity counts. My job is not just sex. It’s much more than sex. 

When I started as a prostitute, an escort or a company woman, whatever you want to call it, I saw an ad on the internet that said, “Looking for girls with clear ideas.” I was looking for work on the internet, I had just been fired after four years in a Spanish insurance company. And I was tired of working for others. (With my bipolarity, It was all for nothing).

I called it and have been here since then.

How glad I am found that ad !!!

Before my last “normal” job, I went to Barcelona to visit an agency to offer myself as an escort. I’m sure it was a vocation. I had thought about being an escort during my life several times. Because of the circumstances of my life, I had not tried yet.

The agency from Barcelona never called me. I did not send glamorous and retouched model photos. I sent them artistic and natural photos. And it seems that does not sell.

And after 7 years in the profession, I see that the high agencies want to sell a fictitious image that they themselves believe. After talking with thousands of clients who I have met over the years, most of them say that they were attracted to my ad because the photos are so natural and real. They prefer this more than profiles of girls who look  like models.

I prefer that clients tell me “you’re better in real life”  than that  I give a bad first impression.

Anyway,  you notice if the person who leads an agency has been a sex worker before or not.

Empathy for me is very important, knowing how to put yourself in the place of others. Of couse this is true in all jobs and all aspects of life.

I was rejected because of my age in some agencies.

Now I wonder: does sex have an age? It has a price, it has a quality, but an age? !!! How absurd that people select by age.  Whatever.  Age in most cases is an identifying number, not a skill reference.

Sex is for all ages from the time you start doing it with yourself until death.  This is true, sex until death . Not Love. It’s turned around. Do you believe it?

I started in the profession almost  a month after becoming 38 years old. With clear open and liberal ideas,  and without hiding my name, age and image. I have never been ashamed of what I do and now even less. Now I can see prostitution as another job. When you get used to fucking without love and without liking the person, you begin to see it a super normal. What a pity  I hadn’t started before.

It is so important who teaches you. I prefer that when girls asks me how to start, I inform them and tell them how they can work as independents.

At the beginning you need someone to guide you. But once you learn how do it, you do not need intermediaries. And depending on who started guiding you, you copy the method. It’s obvious that many women start with pimps and forces and later continue for theirselves. There are thousands of reasons, but the main one is that we like this work and it engages us . Most prostitutes are ashamed. And I know from experience that those who do this work and who like sex and dealing with clients are delighted with our profession.

I have my own method of work, as a company woman. “Be yourself”.

Now at 45 years old, I have created my own method of work. My own technique is just “Be yourself”. And also with everything I’ve learned, my marketing studies, my work as a flight attendant, my numerous commercial jobs and my entrepreneurial stages, they now serve me. I focus on them and I use them in my own sex work. Some people will wonder  what does being a flight attendant have to do with being an escort? There are many things. It helps you become more professional. And the commercial works, still much more. And my personal life. Everything works.

The result is I’m a human product that I live in this system and I’m my own raw material and labor.

The important thing is have a good service, more than more than a good physicist.

And you do not have to be a beauty and be perfect. The most importan thing is like sex and  like meeting people. If you have those qualities, this work is perfect. Of couse, not everyone can be a company woman.

The superficiality and what they people say, it does not make you really enjoy  that you can enjoy with the sex.

With the shallowness and shame and what the people will say, the most of people are missing a lot of things. Everything is in your attitude of how you expresses it. If you feel embarrassed about what you do and like it  a lot, then “why do you think you are doing something wrong?”. Thinking about it! What wrong there is to cause orgasms. We pay for everything; Aren’t we going to pay for sex? !!! What hypocrisy is there in this system?. I do not understand why religions limit sex so much. Sex can be unlimited. according to what you discover it,  more you like it. And  the more the practices with more and different people it is more enjoyable because we know more about it. Sex is like the sports, the more the practice, more you enjoy . The more the learn , more you know about yourself.

Important! the sex toys, don’t forget. They help to get more pleasure  in the sex. Like the drugs also.

I go back to what I want to say: “Do not give so much importance to a physical for  making sex”. You would be surprised with who you can flip in the bed. If you only look at a physicist, you will not never discover it.

I have discovered to enjoy without caring about the physical. And I’m happy a lot. I do not always enjoy with, it is impossible, but sure, a lot of times. If I receive what I give, I almost always have fun.

My loveworker.

Cris Blas Company woman

Mujer de compañía