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Zoom Event February 2023: Valentine’s Day.

Hello community members. The following zoom is in February, the month of Valentine’s Day. So we are going to dedicate this month to lovers. From my point of view, which is always rare, for me, Valentine’s Day should be the day when everyone gets up to give their partner an orgasm. Start the day with a smile after a good orgasm. However, it has become a commercial day, to give away something material. We forget how good and pleasurable an orgasm is and most of the time free. What do you like to be given or that you like...

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Naturist brunch in an apartment on Gran Via Madrid. Gifts. Naturist costumes.

The community of naturist sexuality gets together again in Madrid, As you already know, this community aims to naturalize sexuality and nudism, so that being naked or among naked people does not bother you. It is something natural that each one decides how they want to be. If you are going to see a topic, for which it does not feel good to be naked, it is naturism. You have to dress up and disguise yourself as what naturism represents for you. Think about it and use your imagination. Do not think: «But if in winter and in a...

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Sexual desire.

We want what we don’t have and we get tired of what we have. Does your partner’s sexual desire disappear? Why don’t I have the same libido? World, we need to know a lot more about sex. We don’t get anything out of it and then the libido starts to drop sooner. We need to know more about sexuality to maintain that much-desired libido. And That Means? Training schools and sex are urgently needed. Schools where they don’t tell you but rather teach you with practice as they teach you gymnastics and cooking. Do you participate in discussions about...

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Naturist Brunch in Geneva Switzerland.

Hello. I know that in this group there are very few people who live in Switzerland, but if you are one of those who live in Geneva or you are by chance and you fancy a naturist Brunch in my apartment, you are invited. It will be on Saturday, November 12 from 12 noon. You have to bring some food, what you drink and a cushion to sit on the floor. It’s like a picnic but indoors. Due to the size of the apartment, places are limited, so if you are sure you want to and can come, I...

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Naturism, philosophy of life, a form of expression versus Exhibitionism

Hello Community. This is an online event in Spanish. The next zoom will be on August 31, Wednesday at 8:00 p.m. Many of you will be on vacation or just spending the summer and the last thing you want is to sign up. But if you are one of those who think like me, of taking naturism and sexuality out of the closet, for me, it is an honour and helps that you participate and do your bit. Write down in your agenda the day of the event and the time (Wednesday, July 31 from 8:00 p.m.) with an...

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Naturist meeting of the community in Paris in Boi de Vincennes

If you are in Paris, Saturday, July 30 and you want a naturist stay, the community gives you an appointment in the naturist area of Boi de Vincennes. Promote the practice of nudism and at the same time talk about sexuality and pleasure in a natural way and without taboos. If you are a man, I would appreciate it if you invited girls, because that is what is most lacking in nudist areas—women who set an example for other women. You don’t have to undress, of course. Bring a pareo and everything you need to spend an evening with...

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