We do not want to see it, nor do we want to admit it, but it is obvious that it is the human race that has to be exterminated and disappear. The human race has taken over the earth.

You always hear animals in danger of extinction, but why do animals die out? The vast majority is because of the human hand. We have invaded everything we have been able to and that which has been left to us.

So who would have to become extinct for the earth to be saved and regenerated? Well, the human race. That is the solution and the response to the great debate that the Earth is going through at the moment.”The famous climate change because of human habits.”

And how does a race die out? Well, little by little, by ceasing to have offspring.

Looking at how the world is, and how we are destroying it, not having children would help to balance the “ecosystem.” We do not know how to treat it, we do not deserve to have children, we do not know how to deal with life on Earth.

Having children is not ecological right now. To have them is to be selfish and arrogant. You can’t keep thinking about having offspring. We should be judged for it.

For now, we can adopt the many millions of children that are in precarious conditions and with lack of food and born into this world

Do we not adopt animals and love them as if they were our own children? Why not adopt more children? Why always that need for your child, to have your genes?

Also, of course, the adoptions would have to be totally free. The business that is also generated with adoptions and the movement of official adoption papers. I think it would be amazing! It should be fully funded by the Government

Change habits radically! Like when quitting tobacco, etc

I start thinking bad things about the human race and that we are our greatest enemies. We don’t know how to take care of things and sometimes that can get out of hand. We have always fought and killed to show power no matter how painful the deaths are.

Here we have a solution for climate change. Stop having babies! Until the entire human race disappears, let’s leave the earth as best we can. As we find it, it is already impossible for some species to survive because of us. The best possible outcome would be that the species that do manage to survive us, can live in a world with its own nature and in abundance. The Earth will regenerate again.

The habits we have adopted are destroying the earth.

Also, the mindset that we have adopted in regards certain animals, that we manipulate them industrially as objects. That needs radical change & should stop!

Just like myself and many others have had to radically change our lives. All the entrepreneurs who make themselves financially rich on the basis of animal abuse, should automatically be made illegal and disappear. A radical answer!

You reinvent yourself as many have done since no one is more than anyone. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from.

We have to stop killing animals and putting them on display in trays in the supermarket as if they were a trophy. When small children see this, you are already making them carnivorous without them knowing where that piece of meat that is being eaten comes from.

The animal has been tamed and then they treat it as if it were an object. An animal, whether terrestrial or aquatic, has life and who are we to take it away by having a plate of food on the table just because we have managed to be smarter?!

We must begin to change the diet of humans and not continue the bloody and brutal slaughter! How sad are we! What’s put on the plate, is not seen. Well, keep eating!

I’d raise pigs and kill them, I’d raise chickens and kill them, I’m going to fish and catch everything I can. But what animals are we too?!

The great consumption of meat is brutal and scandalous. Are we not ashamed? have we no heart?

I travel through different countries. I check every day the large number of animals we eat. Restaurant menus are full of meat. It is a massacre that has become a pleasure, regardless of origin.

The pleasure of some is the life of others.

I try to be vegan, but it is a bit complicated in this society. At least I consume much less than half, of the half I used to.

Formerly it was an extravagance of the rich to eat animals they hunted. Now it has become a chain murder.

Eating animals is not seen as shameful, however undressing you and having sex if you give it is. How absurd and how hypocritical!


Either we extinguish the human race or teach from year 0 to live in another radical way.

Otherwise, it will prove impossible that the human race will be kept alive with this kind of life and education.

We live in a consumerist, competitive, ambitious society and it always wants more. So having children is not going to do anything new to earth.

Having 3, 4, 5 children in a city, that is more pollution. It should be made necessary to allow no more than 2 children, but without making it obligatory, but rather that the people do it by their own conscience.

And truthfully, this life is not just having children and making a family, like they show love in movies and religions.

I have my own experience of 46 years without a family of my own and I am happy. Since I don’t know what it is to have a child, I don’t miss it. Like when you’ve never had an orgasm then you don’t know what you’re missing!

I can assure you that there are many more options and things that can be done and that also would not destroy the Earth and would be beneficial. For example, to have much more sex!

Let’s think more about non-tangible things and not think so much about selling, consuming and spending.

Start with yourself...