I have managed to be comfortable being alone. From what I have learned I have also dedicated my time, to what is worth it and to who really deserves it.

Before, I guess, because I didn’t want to be alone, I accepted all kinds of friends. Now I have become more demanding. I’m so productive being alone, I think very well about who I spend my time with.

Time is a very valuable thing, along with freedom and health and for me, even life highs, it is much more important than money.

Of course, a minimum of money is necessary to live in this system.

But the fucking money, which I have called it for a long time, has the value that we give it. And for me, it has the fair value to pay for my needs and bills so I try not to have too many obligations and not enslave myself to get more money.

Sometimes it is the one who needs the least that is rich and the rich man is poor.

Now I value time much more and stop thinking so much about the future because this time that is happening now, will never come back. So I want to enjoy the best I can and for this, I have become more selective or we could also call it practical and logical.

I no longer waste time with things or people who don’t deserve it.

This is my personal formula, with people.

With clients, I ask for politeness, respect and knowing how to be.

With acquaintances, politeness, respect, knowing how to be and attention.

With friends, politeness, respect, knowing how to be, attention and love.

With best friends politeness, respect, attention, love and their time.

Chosen family, not biological, more than best friends: politeness, respect, attention, love, their time and their help when I need it.

Non-direct biological family: uncles, cousins. No comment! Because it’s like I don’t have it. So I don’t demand anything from them.

And to the direct family, who are my father, mother, sister, for what is just necessary. But I can’t complain at all. We are not great friends, but we are all there for when you have to be. We help each other when needed. We really help each other a lot.

We are not very affectionate among ourselves since the education of the past was like this, that is, without love and externalised affection.

In the end, cats and dogs are the ones with the highest quality of life. People give more love, time and affection to their animals than to humans. So it is in society.

Society is hooked on money and work.

Society is hooked on a having a job, which most of the time we don’t even like, we only do it for money and neglect other important values.

A society that is hooked on money and has lost important values ​​such as friendships, taking time off and enjoying little things.

A society that gives more importance to materialism, such as a big house, a good car, a good watch, etc. than to other values ​​of life, which are less and less taken into account, such as time, freedom, respect, affection, friendship, family, empathy.

The world of marketing and advertising.

In the end, we have created a world with marketing and advertising that we are surrounded by unnecessary things that make us lose the fundamental values ​​of life.

We have created a world of absurd things.

Of everything that is manufactured, I am sure that only 20% is necessary, the rest are products to enrich some and give others a job to earn a living.

But do we need all those toys that they make for children, all those beauty products, all those foods that are often carcinogenic, those pants (I have 10 in the closet), those little items for Christmas, etc?

Marketing, advertising, movies and series are creating a fake imaginary world that is not making the world happy.

People want to have what they don’t have and they want luxury, material things, thinking that this is a good thing in life.

But honestly, luxury and material things, when you get them, you realise that there is a lot of absurdity in them.

I prefer a world of games, teaching, camaraderie, friendship, love, sex and time.

I would love to do a global survey and ask, how happy are you?

The results would show whether the system makes you happy or not. If our way of life is correct or not.

I am sure that 70% of the population lives subject to an imposed rhythm.

The same rush hour, enduring traffic jams every day, wasting an hour one way and another hour back.

The months of December, July and August are the most expensive for travelling, but it is when almost everyone can.

It is evident that there is a system that controls your time and it is not you that controls it.

Having flexibility, autonomy, and freedom is one of the most wonderful things in life, and the vast majority of people don’t own it and don’t realise it until retirement.

Since you are born they impose schedules on you. Your instinct is not allowed to come out. We are controlled to what you should be called according to whether you are born with a penis or a vagina. As soon as you are born they are labelling you.

And when you get to the working stage, control begins. Bosses love to control what time you come in and what time you leave. People like to control each other, they are given a charge of more responsibility and they use it to give orders.

Jobs with hierarchies are causing conformist lives and negative environments due to the competition that is generated, just by making numbers, that is, money because that is for companies. You are on a payroll and in return, they absorb your time.

Isn’t it obvious that there are other ways of life?

Polygamy, open relationships, friends with sex, independent work, freedom of time, personal life, being out of the system.

Being a slave to the system does not let you see other forms of life, but they really do exist.

Since we are born they already put us in the system and it is difficult to get out of it.

Would you like to get out of it?

It is not easy, it is very hermetic. Together we have created a system that creates confrontations through politics, religions and cultures. A system that is so controlled and organised that it is already effortless for everyone. Together we create and continue. It is a total catch 22!