I have a bit of a letdown because I was excited and motivated that I was going to start studying sexology at the school of psycho-sexology in Paris but my application has been rejected!

Two years ago, I got serious about studying French and English and about a year ago I thought about studying something in French in Paris, since it is now the place where I am based the most.

I have rented a studio and I am going to spend a lot of time here so studying something it motivates me to learn and perfect French.

Looking for what to study, I found the Paris School of Sexology on the internet. I decided to write to them and we arranged an interview to study my case. In this way, it removed the doubt whether it would be accepted or not.

Clearly, I was honest about what I do.

I always put the truth in front of me. I want to take sexuality beyond what we are used to. I have found that sex has many taboos and that it has to be opened.

What with my experience in sex, I have discovered that there is no good sex, especially between men and women, but that it really is due to the lack of sexual education and the lack of sexual communication.

I want to study sexology to take it more into the field of doing collective workshops and start showing sex as something natural that is what it is and to teach it more with practice. And it seemed appropriate to study sexology. Always with a title it seems that you are more trustworthy.

In the interview, the sexologist told me that my case was particular but It could be possible!

This was January and in April the registrations for the following course that began in October was opened.

From there, I already visualized myself entering the sexology school.

As soon as the registrations were opened, it was the first thing I did, but to my surprise, my application had been rejected.

This has been the reply email I have received.


Chère Cristina,

Je vous remercie pour votre dossier.

J’ai beaucoup réfléchi à votre candidature. Je vous remercie pour l’honnêteté et la sincérité avec laquelle vous avez pu me parler de vos projets.
Malheureusement je ne peux pas les soutenir. Des expériences nombreuses de ce type ont déjà eté menées en particulier dans les années 70 avec à déplorer de très nombreuses dérives. Même si effectivement le besoin d’informations est présent, ces expériences et ateliers ont et eté abandonnés car ils étaient globalement trop délétères pour les patients.

Je ne peux donc pas vous soutenir dans ces démarches que je vous déconseille de poursuivre.

For ailleurs je souhaite garder une cohérence dans le choix des etudiants qui intègrent notre formation. Je ne peux donc pas valider votre demande.

Je vous souhaite une bonne continuation.


I summarise it so as not to translate it literally.

In other words, the way I want to treat the sex, in collective workshops they were attempted in the 70s and apparently ended in complete disaster. We are talking about the 70s and we are in 2020. I find it surprising!

In addition, with sexual education, many traumas and sexual problems could be avoided.

It is also justified that patients do not like such workshops. My answer is that patients adapt to what is proposed to them and to the methods that exist.

We will never evolve like this!

Another thing that she argued is that she wants to follow a coherence with the rest of the students. That is, I am a whore and I do not fit. I do not have a scientific title.

Being a prostitute for 10 years does not give you the right profile to train as a sexologist, but sometimes we are more of a psychologist than whores.

I was not going to the right place!


How are we going to get sexology to evolve?

Again I am disappointed with the education system and the people who follow that system.

In the end, wanting to take it to a more professional level, just because I am a sex worker, does not give me the opportunity.

My idea seemed good to all my friends. That there are people like me who to help teach sex in a more practical way.

So with this, I have realized that we are in the hands of sex professionals, who really have no idea. They know a lot of theory but little practice and people like me appear who have the practice but want to know more and become more professional and we are not accepted for this type of study.

Graduates in sex are just that, graduates with studies. Who look for patients with sexual problems. The sexual problems begin in the lack of sexual education and the little that is clearly spoken. In the lack of practice, in the lack of new techniques.

No one wants to innovate with an Escort, which can stain the reputation of the school. That for my point of view, the reputation that I have of them, is that they are archaic and they will never evolve in how to treat sexuality.

I could have contributed a different point of view that nobody knows but what is there. In this way, the hypocrisy of studying sex only for therapies will continue.

It also shows that whores, who are the ones who know the most about sex, we are not in the position to do a specialty in Sexology. But a person who has studied psychology or medicine but who really does not know anything about practical sex is admitted.

What a disappointment!

But hey, I’m sure that what I want to do I can do, without a three-year degree. There is no more title than that of life.

So with my marketing, sex and experience background, I will carry out my goals.

The title serves to be able to freely browse the web, but I will do so in another way.

Although it is true that if you are an Escort, borders are closed to you if you are a sexologist, they bow to you. You are not valued as a person, you are labelled. But I am the same person.

I will think and look for other options.

I think it will be Switzerland which will accompany me on this new adventure. Switzerland has laws in favour of prostitution and sex. By doing things right, you can start a business in sex, like any other, that will not be closed to you, because a boring citizen denounces you or because sex is not legal.

Hopefully, this virus will pass, so that borders reopen and work permits will be re-issued.

Or maybe Los Angeles! I have seen several courses on sexology and they seem interesting. In addition, Americans are used to and open to all kinds of therapies and methods. And sexual therapy is very fashionable.

Let’s see if I can make collective workshops fashionable.

The result of being an Escort, a prostitute, a whore, a sex worker, whatever we want to call it.

It is clear that saying openly I am Escort, closes doors. I have been checking the past 10 years that I have been in this profession.

I’m getting tired of doors being closed on me. I don’t know how to change that so they don’t close them on me. By keeping quiet and hiding my profession, then I wouldn’t be myself and it would go against my own principles.

It seems that everyone accepts me, but they only accept me for parties, sex, travel and so on, but a relationship that touches them like work, children, family or home, nobody gets close to me. Not even the best of friends.

No one wants a prostitute next to them because they do not want to be related to them. They think, if they are connected to me at work, what consequences will it bring?. This involves hiding it from the children too. What will the neighbours say!.

So most of my friends are gay or lesbian. Heterosexuals since I am an Escort, they do not like me so obviously they do not relate to me, nor do they approach me since they have children or businesses. I must have a bad image. I am a prostitute. The rest does not count.

Neither your friends want to rent their apartments because you are going to receive clients. But if you are promiscuous and you fuck everything, with no money involved, nobody says anything. It’s being exactly the same act.

No one stands up for a prostitute.

Because I am an Escort, I am rejected, discriminated against, rejected in the system, but hey, I don’t care because I’m pretty anti-system. I do not care about those types of people who do not want me by their side so that they are not connected with a prostitute.

It is my profession, I love it and I will not leave it for those kinds of reasons. It’s better to be accompanied by a few real people. A life of truths and realities.

I have such a positive character and have had to come across the worst viewed profession in the world. I get dismissed everywhere.

Well, it is what it is. Meanwhile, I am still studying English and French and I will look for other formations and other circles. Fortunately, there are also people who value me for who I am and not for what I do.

And as several of my friends say, Cristina, you are already a sexologist without the title.

The important thing is PASSION and my passion is «sex».

I’ve already seen other options, specifically a crash course in Los Angeles for Sex Educator. What I liked the most is that people who work as sex workers are accepted.

The important thing is not to abandon my idea «never give up ». I’m going to be a sex educator!

I am sure that I could help to overcome sexual pathologies, only with my experience.

But my idea is not pathologies, it is sex education.

An education that would prevent many patients from reaching the point of being treated by qualified professionals.

I have my own experience of qualified professionals, such as psychiatrists, who after going through four psychiatrists, six admissions and a decade of therapeutic sessions, I can say from my own experience, that psychiatrists do not help, they only prescribe medications.

But coming back to me, what I want is to help people have orgasms. That is my job. I want to show what I enjoy so much. And for that, I don’t need a title that certifies it.

I want to help those ladies of a generation where there was no internet and you could not inform yourself and who still do not know what their clitoris is and have never had an orgasm. Those couples that have been together for years and don’t have sex. Those teenage boys who don’t know how to treat a girl sexually.

And not with theory, but with practice, which is what I do best!

Practice, practice, practice!!!