To vote or not to vote !!!!

It’s inevitable not to talk about politics when we had elections on April 29 in Spain.

This year elections have played a large role and in Spain is much talk of politics and in the months to follow I imagine much more. As I’m not in the country all the time I do not know as much of the daily politics but I’ve observed and I appreciate that those of the younger generation and my generations are not as preoccupied with politics. People are respectful of each other’s political orientations and generally silent about their opinions so as not to create controversy because according to whom you vote, you are judged!

It could be said that Spain is a middle-class country. People with more money or less money, most have their work as a way of life or their companies, large or small. People according to their attitudes, criteria, studies, capacity, tastes, and values consume more expensive or cheaper things. But the lifestyle is similar. Work and enjoy!

In the same place, there can be a joint with a Mojitos at € 20 and less than 10 meters away others can be sitting by a discreet *botellón(Spanish activity where people congregate in public areas to socialize while drinking alcohol) and enjoying the same sunset.

Depending on your economic level and your tastes, some visit a certain type of restaurant, others another. There is something for all socio-economic levels. Some drive Mercedes others a Citroen, some picnic other barbecues with swimming pools, some go skiing, others go walking in the mountains, some travel abroad, others prefer their beach apartment, but in general, society tends to do the same. Eating and drinking.

Fortunately, the climate helps a lot for our quality of life.

With the sunny weather, we have in Spain people are happy and have a good time. We are very grateful for the sun because it makes us enjoy life and leave the house.

Those poorly paid are accustomed to their salary, which within the world average, is not so bad and the well-paid few or ones with money can afford many things.

In Spain expenses are not bad at all, on the contrary, we could say that you live quite well with little money. The food is super affordable for example.

There are basic needs, however, that are expensive.

What is exorbitant is the light and gas bills. Basic needs should cost much less. I think that what is paid is disproportionate to the economic level of the individual.

For example, a house of about 100 m2 can cost in the cold months about € 300 a month even when you lowering the temperature when one goes out and/or at night. If you leave it on constantly with a thermostat that does not lower by about 22 degrees it can increase to 500 € for a month!.

And to find out that a gas company has had a profit of more than 2 million Euros in 2018 yet the people are paying for good heating but have to skimp on how much time it is connected and still paying astronomical amounts if you compare it with the average salary in Spain. We are saying that in the cold months it can be up to 30 or 40% of your salary. Are we crazy or what? How can we be consenting to that?

So much is caused by all the politicians who manage these sectors. So much so that a political party announced without asking us that it had sold and privatized, a product of necessity and turned it into a business in which it only looks at the numbers. “Make money!”

I might not understand much about politics and how to manage a country, but that does not seem right to me.

In light of this subject, there are taxes that should not be paid. A program that was broadcast on the sixth showed us this and explained it very well, but still, the bill goes up every year.

Spain should expropriate these companies and make them public and recover them. And use their profits to finance renewable energy installations produced by the sun, water, and wind and take away the oil, gas and nuclear energy that we buy abroad, which is also quite polluting. We must become self-reliant and not depend on other countries.

The citizen is not cared for, just the opposite, the citizen is only used to collect money. With unfair fines, invented taxes, etc …

So for me, what I find most senseless is that after more than 20 years I have my own thoughts regarding politicians and I believe that they have not done their job well. What have they done to improve the quality of life of the Spanish? And not only that, but they have stayed with what they have created and generated and they have not used it to improve our quality of life, pamper us and fill the coffers of the country. But nevertheless, the citizens continue to trust them.

Politicians do little for our country and I have to hear about countries like Finland that supply heating practically free of renewable energy and  Sweden that heats 80% of the capital through the heat that emerges from funeral homes.

A change could be made about how the deceased are treated so that it does not cost us money and also benefit from it. But clearly, culturally what I am saying is like an aberration. How are we going to use the dead to generate heat? Well, everything is a matter of changing the mind and getting used to it.

In Madrid, we have thousands of square meters occupied by graveyards that almost nobody visits, but nobody does anything to respect them either.

Well, we could take advantage of our death, why not? I am delighted that they can incinerate me and with the heat that emerges from my incineration they warm the houses. That the cold is not pleasant!

It seems that we are fools with sentimental attachments to the deceased instead of thinking about the living, the present and those who come.

But how will the system of the dead change, with the money it generates? But to whom is it generated? Well, to private companies, not the citizen. What a deal that is. I have worked for more than 4 years in an insurance company and its flagship product was the death policy. The one of the dead, yes that! We even have to pay to die, and we are already so used to that, that we see it as super normal.

Let’s start to change our habits of life because with the current ones we are killing the world and above all we do not look after ourselves.

Let’s finish with the deputies!

I already said that and will say again, I analyze and apply logic and deputies are no longer needed. With a computer application, we could all vote for everything. I would love that, I would be involved and I would do it, vote for everything. And whoever does not vote, a fine. Everyone has to vote !!!

Also, the president of the government is not needed. What I read about regarding leadership in books and manuals, I still do not see the need for a leader. I like teamwork more and none is more important than the other.

A good example is  Switzerland as it does not have a government president and it does not work badly. And I can verify it because for three months of the year I live in Switzerland and I see it, not because of the polls, the news and all that manipulative media.

Anyone could be thinking, do not compare that to what has always been a tax haven. What is important is results, seen and observed with my own eyes and listened to with my own ears. The Swiss are caring, super educated, civilized and also live happily!

And if you have to cover the accounts to the State, sometimes they deserve it. I say that for Spain because we have a tax agency that, for my way of seeing, is a cheeky one. Too many taxes are paid.

I have been commercial for many years and have worked a lot on commission. Commissions are from 0.50% up to 15% more or less. The State in most jobs takes away 21% of your billing. I think it’s exaggerated. And companies that exceed a quantity have to declare more than 50% of their profits.

I am of the opinion that you have to pay taxes, but justly.

I do not situate myself either in companies nor in employees, I situate myself from my point of view. Why do I have to give so much money to the country? It seems to me that the entrepreneurs and freelancers are paying too much tax. Then it does not surprise me that there are tax havens and the small companies do not declare all their invoicing and we are all cheating the Tax Agency. It is what you are forced to do.

It is clear that there are some things that allow these tax havens to camouflage money that is stolen, as it has been done. But to hide money that you are generating with effort and do not take everything the state wants, I think they are even necessary.

Many accounts are for the politicians themselves, banking employees, public employees, and real houses. They are the ones who make the laws at will.

The tax agency in Spain also makes you declare the money you earn in another country. It turns out that if you leave Spain because the economy leaves much to be desired and does not let you prosper and develop and you then decide to go abroad to find your life,  it forces you to pay 8% of your income from abroad, apart from paying the taxes of the country you are in.

A 21% VAT is already paid for all the products that pass through your hand.

Indirectly we are paying a lot of taxes, so the direct ones, we try as a Spaniards to hide it because otherwise, it works for the state, not us.

With the issue of social security and pensions, they have people trapped and cheated.

And with the mentality of the right and the left, of the public and the private, entertaining us with debates and campaigns, they do with us what they want.

Well, it’s hard for me to earn my money and I do not like to waste it or give it away.


In the penultimate elections, the PP won after three calls. The results did not leave a decision of who governed. We were almost a year without a political party in power. And that’s when I realized that Spain is fairly well run and political parties are not necessary.

I would not give them more opportunities at the moment, they are flawed and there is a protocol that does not allow us to evolve.

For me, they are the ruin of many countries and they are corrupt and white-gloved thieves. I say it openly because it is more than proven.


The world does not believe that Spain is poor and that is why we have a crisis. The crises are mounted by the governments themselves and the banks and the citizens believe them. But if you see the amount of money that moves in Spain, many companies would envy it.

Now they talk about that in two years we will see another crisis. But what crisis? Crises that banks will provoke to recover flats with mortgages and then sell them again. A crisis that today with digital money that is unlimited, if we have it is because there will be bad management. If good management is

done, of course, we should not talk about any crisis.

So like any company, the state should have good management. There are more and more millionaires yet countries accumulate more debt. I do not understand. I have improved my financial status in recent years based on good management in my work and great efforts, so why not the state? They have many more resources than me !!!


In the end, I see that Spain deserves what it has because very few see that it is not necessary for us to be led by politicians. On the contrary, they continue defending and voting.

If I had seen that they were exemplary in these last and recent elections I would have gone to vote. But after all the trajectory that I have been seeing, how am I going to contribute to this circus?


We have the Royal House and we have not had a referendum if we want to keep it or not. They do not give us the option of being able to decide between everyone. No political party or the Real House itself have dared to ask us if we want to continue maintaining this expense.

They tax us without asking and like our  Spanish inheritance and the sun,  we accept it. And we have not been able to oppose it!

Another political party leader had to come and these taxes seem to have been taken away. They were nonsense!

With him in power of  *succession ( a type of tax), people lost their houses that they inherited from the great efforts of the entire working life of the parents because they did not pay those taxes.

And the sun, we are a country of sunshine, without question! And so it is shameful that a party arrives and does not promote renewable energies. On the contrary, they implement a tax to make it more difficult for us, this is ridiculous!

In Spain, we pay for everything. And we have to decide, not the political party that is in power. The political parties represent us and should not decide without us.

What I know clearly is that in recent years power has been shared between the PSOE and the PP and Spain has not been saved, nor has the quality of life of the Spanish been improved, in fact, its the other way around.

There are two parties leaders that have violated the laws. Each one at their level. By law, if a party does not comply with the laws, it has to disappear and dissolve. Well, the two parties are still there, fighting and the Spaniard’s consent. They also consent to vote for them. Only the leader changes !!! I see a lot of marketing in politics.

The PP did well and implemented some wises changes, but the benefits were distributed among them and suppliers and nothing was kept in the coffers of the country. They proved to be thieves. A party that even amongst each other stabbed themselves and are made to resign. Shameful!!! What kind of companionship is that? None. Even the party leader resigned. And the PSOE  has also had some of their own issues but since I do not regularly see the news and less so about politics, I can not comment properly.


Political programs give little to the people. They will continue to vote for their ideology of right or left without really using the program. Of course, I also see that what is promised and what is done leaves much to be desired. Preaching like priests with the word. But then the action, where is it? Quite the opposite. Priests violating and politicians stealing!

That is why there was so much participation in this election. To avoid the enemy. The people of the left, the majority voted only to avoid the right-wing having more power and has voted especially for the PSOE to give it more strength. And the people on the right have divided their votes among the new right-wing parties, in addition to continuing to vote for the PP.

I see for example the town where my parents live and I am registered, Torrejón de la Calzada, the years go by and its remains the same. I do not see improvements. I do not know what the mayor does but he does not do anything that is visible. Only collects the IVI, the circulation tax from the citizens, collects their salaries and makes the paripé in the Town Hall and organizes the village parties. But I do not see any improvement within the economy and the quality of life of the people. The law of least effort!


For my part, everything should be by *oppositions (an opposition is a selection process to access public administration jobs) after all they are also public servants. If you want to be the Mayor of a city by *opposition. And so too for all political positions. Ministers, councilors, etc …

Training is requested for everyone yet not requested to the leaders of the State or the ministers, nor to all those positions that manage our country, city or town.

The public professors have to go through the selection process to be able to give classes in public school, so to do doctors to work in public hospitals.  Yet Ministers are not going by this process?

Every time a party changes, the ministers change and senior officials of the ministries. And all the projects that exist at that moment are paralyzed because the elections are close and until the results are known, they are not continued. Even 6 months after the elections the projects are still not in use. As in the private company, the month of August is a holiday month to give you an idea.

This is very absurd and unnecessary! Projects that are very expensive yet they spend months or even up to a year until it is decided who holds those positions. Often these projects have to be re-started from scratch and all the effort and previous money are lost. That is another waste of money!

We lose money and time.

And you pay for wasting time and moving papers. Surely most do not pay us to waste time. Well in politics, they do!

In the Congress of Deputies, people fall asleep from boredom! And they argue with political ideology, not by logic.

One of the left will never vote for something proposed by the right or vice versa.

People position themselves so much in their innate ideologies that they do not allow their “arm to be twisted, although what your opponent is proposing may be better. That does not enter anyone’s head!


Political, religious and football fanatics. Why be so fanatical of an ideology? I do not get it!!!.

Imagine neither right nor left, how simple it would be. But in this world, it seems that you have to belong to a political ideology. For me, my ideology covers much more than being right or left. For me, it is obsolete and not evolved.

I have my own ideology. That what I do not want for me I do not want for others and what I do not want to do to me, of course, I do not do it to others. Rather an ideology of companionship and quality of life for everyone! Share and help each other.

And an ideology that evolves with the present and the future and learns from the past.

Politics is a Circus.

We have had in Madrid a mayoress who after her 4 years in office, has improved Madrid, has lowered the debt (because there were many of those behinds) and improved inter-human relations. But still, it has not helped.

Most Madrileños and Spaniards vote for political ideologies, instead of for results. They only vote for left-wing or right-wing. It has not been valued as the obvious improvement that Madrid has had these years.

That panda of morons! I do not know how to define it. The mayoress did well and decided that she wanted to continue giving us her time, but it has not mattered  !!!

What do the people of Madrid want? What are they looking for? You do not want corruption but you vote again for a party that has cheated us. Do you want improvements? This city council has had them. Why do you not leave a person for another four years, when they are asking.  It’s a minimal gesture to grant. Do you not think she deserves it? I think so.

Since you are going to vote, at least vote with logic, intelligence and reason. And not with the passion of I am of rights or I am of lefts.

I have left the system until it turns 180 degrees. Goodbye!!