Sex, whether you are paying for it or not, in my personal opinion, the best part is undoubtedly the physical pleasure that one feels inside the body.

For me, sex is giving and receiving physical pleasure. All those variations that have been associated with it, such as role-play, domination, submission, kindness, Sado, dolls, etc., are fantasies but it is not physical pleasure, it is mental. They are techniques that help to get you excited.

I could say it is psychological that we feel this in our pleasure centres in our brains and that it is not physical.
Unless you have a gene where pain equals pleasure. But I think you are born with it.

The physical pleasure, that pleasure that we feel inside the body when we stimulate the clitoris and / or the vagina and/or anus in women and the penis and anus in men are so pleasant, that when you discover it, you cannot live without it. That one, which sometimes makes your hair stand on end and what you feel inside is really a pleasure. I don’t know how to describe it, but it is a constant ecstatic feeling inside, which you don’t want to ever end.

Dressing up as a maid, or dressing in leather, or letting yourself be hit, feeling dominated, can be fantasies, but after everything I’ve seen, real physical pleasure is not received but psychological pleasure is.

I have become professional in giving physical pleasure with sex and massages. I specialize in what I love for myself and I do it for others. I am fortunate and grateful that I am being paid for something I enjoy and I live from it in this money system.

I see that it is the men who have those fantasies more. But I believe that it is because they find orgasm before women and they begin to need more stimulation.

If you masturbate a lot and have a lot of sex, each time it is harder for you to cum and that is why new forms of excitement are sought.

We can also improve physical pleasure with toys and vibrators. If you use them a lot, they lose their effectiveness, but I mean a lot, like every day! But using them as necessary makes your orgasm never disappear. I think!

As long as you are in your body this feeling should never disappear and in my own experience, it is incredible what I feel with anal or vaginal penetration and external stimulation of the clitoris with my toys. It is such an incredible pleasure and feeling that every human being should experience.

Marijuana also helps me a lot so as not to lose that sensitivity.

Women do not know this but more will start paying for sex

If you want to have good sex, do it with a professional. You are looking for professionals for everything, why not for sex? It seems so incredible that it is so widespread in men and so hidden in women!

Toys are completely necessary for a woman’s sex life. In a man’s I cannot say it clearly, because I cannot experience it in my own flesh. But from my own experience with thousands of men, I think that from age and depending on each physiology, in many cases, it can be necessary.

I use it with clients who no longer have an erection and have climaxed with the vibrator and with erection they have also come to ejaculate. That is, they have climaxed through the vibration or sucking of sex toys and have experienced greater and unknown pleasure at an advanced age.

What men have not yet realised, is that vibrators are for them too. It stimulates and enhances pleasure. It is to teach that trick.


Let yourself go and leave yourself in the hands of a professional.

I don’t know why but with in the first few minutes of talking with a client when he tells me what he wants from the service and how he wants it done, I already feel bad and we already start off badly. He is already telling me how he wants you to do things and the truth is that I don’t like to be told what I have to do. If you see that I do not do something you like, you tell me at the time of sex, but not by phone or messages. I find it annoying and it invades my sexual intimacy.

I will do the service as it arises. If you give me pleasure, I will give you more pleasure every time. If you don’t give me much, I’ll give you an adequate service.

I am the first one that wants to give everything one likes and if I can give more, I will because I want it to be repeated. I want those who enjoy giving and experiencing both to return another time. If you’re only going to enjoy yourself, I’ve said it a thousand times, you don’t interest me as a customer.

I am so clear that my service is so good, that I don’t care what the client asks me. I know that in the end, they go away super satisfied. And the one who has not been satisfied, which happens, of course, I am sure that it was not just me. Sex is a matter of two and because one pays, you cannot leave everything in the hands of the one who receives the money.

Saying this, is to set the bar very high and I do not like this, but I have heard it on so many occasions, that I have to start believing it. It is clear that if so many clients return to me, it will be for something. More than one has told me that my service is excellent!

You don’t have to say what I have to do to you and how you want it done. Let yourself go and let yourself be guided. I have had sex every day for more than 9 years. Yes or no, I had to learn from sex.

Everybody have to take lessons on sex.

Likewise, many men have to learn how to make sex with a woman and that doesn’t bother them if I tell them what they have to do. There are many who still do not know how to touch and lick a woman and they must be taught. To me the truth is, I don’t mind teaching them. On the contrary, the better they know how to make sex with a woman, the more I will enjoy.

I have to teach that when a woman has not yet been stimulated, she will not be excited. You will not find her wet unless she has had a client before and has had pleasure and then the remains of that are present. But if not, our vagina is dry, super dry.

All those who want to touch you without saliva or without lubricant and abruptly, I have to say that it is quite unpleasant. It doesn’t stimulate a woman and it’s not enjoyable. The clitoris is not in a position to start being touched.

Let me explain, do not go anxiously touching a woman’s pussy, it is not tasty, be more calm, tender, soft and with some saliva, not much saliva (do not overdo it) begins to find the clitoris. If you do not find it, then ask and then begin to stimulate it slowly and constantly until you begin to notice that the woman begins to enjoy. Either with the tongue or with the fingers. And if you put a finger in the vagina at the same time, the stimulation is greater.

Depending on the woman, then you are adapting to her. Some like rubbing harder, others slower. But the principle, we all need it to be slow and salivated.

Now the feeling comes on its own.

Many men do not even know if the woman is enjoying it or not. They don’t watch, they don’t listen, they don’t feel.

Good sex is better than bad sex, right?

In my profession, I still see clients who are used to fast and cheap sex and they look for the new girl or sex worker in the area and offer you the money they are used to paying.

This seems disrespectful to me. They see it as usual because they are used to dealing with prostitutes who only care about money and agree to everything, but that is not my case.

I think they are missing good sex for wanting to pay a little. The more you pay, the more you receive.

Sexual pleasure is one of the best pleasures of this life, better than food, hotels and luxury cars, that is why sex in the system must be paid for. Quality sex is expensive, like a luxury car, like a 5-star hotel or Michelin restaurants.

Not all sex workers have the same value or price. Not all waiters get the same salary. The same for doctors. This is something that the client of this type does not understand and they want to pay the same for a shit service. As for quality service, I do quality service.

When I started, I charged more or less of how the market was but now I am professional and you pay for professionalism.

When I arrive at a new place I have to accustom the clients to my type of service that many are not even aware of but this takes time and in a month it is not achieved.

The last place I was before arriving in Paris was in Worthing. My intention was to stay in Brighton all month, but the apartment wasn’t available for the entire month so I had to move to Worthing.

A very different type of customer from the villages. I had not been to a small town for a long time.

I could have earned a lot of money with a rate of 100 pounds and be fucked by anyone who wanted to but my way and mentality have changed. Now I prefer not to be so affordable and accessible to everyone and I have moved away from the quickly and cheaply. For me, 100  pounds is too cheap and I am not a cheap escort. I am not expensive either, but not approachable for everyone.

Fewer customers a day, more pleasure and more quality of service.

I don’t need three, four, or five clients a day. How awful!! I would be a machine and not a person.

I charge more and take fewer customers.  I still benefit from fewer customers than having many customers and being quick with them. I am at a certain age and I know what I want, fewer customers and though more expensive better quality.



By the way, I am Pansexual.

My services are aimed at everyone, regardless of gender.

Where can you visit me? Well, look at my page where I am right now.