An example of someone

I’m sorry for the client 27 year old from Barrio Salamanca who he has wasted his money, even though his orgasm was there, but it’s been impossible for me to shut up. These who only want you to do , who ask you for the pillow just when they arrive, tell them that if they like to eat the woman and they say no, but with disgust and even they ask you to eat their ass that they love and they argue that because they pay, you have to do it as they say. I’m sorry, but I do not have to put up with that form of sex. I as a macho sex I do not want it. And I can not help it but shut up and say it. And if they keep biting me, then I’ll jump even more. And I am very easy to annoy on topics.

I proposed him to return him the money back and go but  he did not want it and then when he wanted, there was no turning back for me.

As a professional, I should perhaps act otherwise, shut up and do it. But the truth, why? What is professionalism? You do not please me, I do not like you much more. It’s like that, you give as you receive. But in everything there are no exceptions.

I choose my clients

I was super commented, I search for my pleasure in the form of criticism and I laugh at these criticisms. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

I already knew that I was not going to see him again and the truth is that I stayed so good. I have been super feminist (which I am not) with reason, fighting for my pleasure and for the pleasure of my work. You do not give me pleasure, go away !!! And I really  can not stand those things and I do not have to put up with them. I turn on and I turn on. I should shut up, but when they argue because I pay, they give me my feelings. The arrogance, I could lose my temper. And the truth that you have to say these things, so that men learn. That prehistoric way of doing sex !!! Please!!!

And I’ve had to put up with the Muslims in France like they fuck, but a Spanish is not going to be allowed to fuck like that.

I’m a prostitute, you pay me for fucking, but I’m a person. And as a person, I can talk and express myself.

The truth is that if this happened to me very often, I could be worried but in 7 years, behaving that way, I remember two or three more. The statistic can speak for itself! That in general, my service is great, as long as I receive it. But, I do not want you as a client. And before, I was more worried about attending well on the first visit, but now, I know that I do not see that person again in my life, because that kind of person does not come back with me. Why I was going to have to work with that kind of clients? I have no needs! I give pleasure, I receive pleasure. That’s why I love sex and I live from it.

Why am I going to shut up?

And as a personal opinion, there should be more women like me. But in my profession, most of them care more about money than their own enjoyment. I do not!

The truth is that it is better to leave everything clear on the phone and so nobody takes surprises.

My service consists of a service that both of us enjoy. I love anal, every day I like more. And if you give me pleasure, I give you more and more, as far as I know. I love learning new things and being taught.