In general, it is the people, not the age, but sometimes I cannot cope with the young people, not with everyone, of course, many of them are charming.

But some because they have a business or a good job and their money grows and they believe more than anyone and also behave as if the sex workers were illiterate and uneducated because many times we do not speak the language. They don’t think that we are normal people and we have a normal private life. And as I am older and they are doing you a favour by being young and coming to see me.

What they do not know is that it is quite the opposite, that they are very lucky to have found an expert in sex. I would have loved as a young girl, to have met a mature expert in sex. Surely before the age of 27, I would have had an orgasm!

You have to learn that the best sex is not with a physicist, it is with someone who is mature in the profession and by logic and practice we know a lot about sex.

They have a lot to learn but while they learn, I have to put up with them. So it does not surprise me, that in the end, the mature women stop attending to them and many ask you if you are serving youngsters.

I am pro-sex education, I will never reject a young man. I can teach them everything whatever they want, to be able to take pleasure with and enjoyment, I am delighted to assist them.

Many can not afford my rate, but save and see the value of sex. Some women have made it very easy and cheap. And there are many men who earn a lot of money. And since in the system, men take advantage of women, but at least we take advantage of them in sex. They are sold very cheap in sex, but not in their jobs or companies because I would not, I sell expensive sex!

A physicist is not important.

Whoever the physicist is, I don’t care. It’s been a long time since I stopped caring. I prefer the experience but if they don’t have it, nothing happens, I teach them. Let them be taught. They want to dominate because they are handsome, or because they have a big cock or because they have a good body. Normally with those types of clients, I don’t feel any pleasure and even have a hard time. It hurts! It’s not worth it for me.

As I have said on other occasions, women like it strongly when we are drunk or drugged, because you are anaesthetised and you do not feel anything. But normally, without substances, when they are fucking you that hard, it hurts everything, you hold your breath, to alleviate the pain. It is not a beastly pain either, but it is annoying and not pleasant at all. And having unpleasant sex, my body does not want this. My body and mind prefer soft and slow. And this is how I reach orgasm.

I understand that many times men have to finish fast and strong. But the best thing in those cases is to finish manually and so you don’t destroy the woman inside.

And really, guys, women pretend a lot, we put up with a lot. Also if there is money involved, you have to shut up. But if you are one of those who like that the other person loves to fuck with you, you must learn the technique of making shared sex, thinking about the other person and making sure that both parties enjoy.

In general, there is very bad sex in the youth. They watch a lot of porn movies and they think that women like it strong and they like to dominate us and they think that this way we will have an orgasm. They have not yet learned that we need to stimulate the clitoris and if they give it’s to us too strong, it is impossible. We can’t touch the clitoris well.

Porn movies are that, movies. I stop saying but still find it. Do not fuck like in the porns. Not like love movies or series. It’s not real! They always exaggerate their performance.

Going back to the youth.

Another thing that I have to put up with from time to time, is they come to my house and we already know all that that entails. I am organised and ready at that time and when they arrive they try to get into bed without paying. Making me waste time and money.

As for example, the one that came to me reserving the time a day before and when he arrives, I ask him for the money, which sometimes I do before and others after. They have already made several attempts to not pay me and I tend to be a little more aware so that they don’t leave looking like an asshole. Well, the young man, I asked him for the money in advance and he all indignantly tells me no, he wanted to pay me after the service. He had no money and this I was off. And he still told me that we fuck and then he will bring me the money afterwards.

After almost 10 years, they have done everything to me, because I have been trusting and naive. They have even left me lying in a town two hours from Paris with nothing, no wallet, money or mobile. I hardly trust anyone anymore. And still, someone gives it to me, but I try not to.I have woken up since these experiences

On the phone!

They think they are talking to a Tinder flirting girl and don’t understand that these are professional calls. That you can’t be chatting all day. I understand that they want to ensure where their money is spent, but the chats are superfluous. My life would be an endless stream of chatting.

What do I prefer?

Nowadays I prefer clients closer to my age or older or even those with much more experience. Although there are also mature and even more than sixty who still do not know how to touch a woman.

I do not blame them, because it is clear that a woman has not taught them and many women have pretended. And so many years of pretence, in the end, the man believes them. But I think that it is never too late to learn and let yourself be carried away by a professional.

I also like young people who love to learn and teach them and for them to do what you tell them to. You teach them your way, how you like it and that’s how you almost always reach orgasm. It’s great!

Maturity changes them. How great!

Men, when they are young, are disrespectful in sex, the opposite of when they mature. They begin to take care of you and make you enjoy yourself.

Until their forties or fifties, they do not change in bed.

When they are young, they have most of the sensitivity in the penis, but as the age passes, they lose it. But they begin to have more sensitivity in other parts of the body, such as the area of ​​the ears, neck, back, nipples and the vast majority, although many are surprised, they begin to enjoy anal.

The ass begins to open more and they begin to enjoy anal penetration. The prostate is stimulated.

It is clear that gay men at that age are already more than used to anal sex. But heterosexuals still have a lot of taboos. It’s amazing how culture affects people’s sexual preferences.

Straight men have become more sensitive and less dominating. They begin to enjoy slow and smooth sex, as we women like.

The man and the woman begin to understand each other.

Religious beliefs, culture and education make sex stagnant.

It’s amazing how the system totally damages sex. It does not benefit it. That is why I do not stop saying that the system must be changed. And how? Starting to give sexual education since we are children.

Schools should have the subject of compulsory sex education.

And stop seeing that sex is a bad thing. Think wisely. What is wrong with sex? Why don’t you make masturbation look natural when you are younger? Etc…

The bad, unpleasant and disgusting experience and the idea of sex is because of bad sex education.


I have an idea that begins with: “Let’s talk about sex.”

The beginning is at the moment monthly online meetings by zoom where you introduce yourself and I ask questions. And then you can continue with a more open debate.

If you want to join the group and participate or listen, it is private. I pass the link to you.

First, you have to open a profile on Meet Up and then include yourself in the group Sexuality in Madrid. They are two registers.

Many people need to talk about sex. That group is for that.

People who learn Spanish and want to learn it by talking about sex are also welcome.

If you know of other people who may be interested, everyone is welcome.

When I improve my level of French and English I will also do them in English and French.