One way or another we all have to do something. We can call  it working, doing an activity or running a business.I do not know anyone that does absolutely nothing.It would also be boring. And in the end there are always things to do.   We all come from where we do not know. There is nothing that confirms this but we know we all start in the womb of  woman.Where you were born,in what country,in what city or family at any given moment,will also shape the direction of your life.  We have had the luck,and I include myself in that, to be born in a place with enough possibilities and education and well being of others.We are lucky enough not to be born in India into a low caste.  It does however appear unfair that others see themselves as more important than others because they were ‘Iucky ‘enough to be born where they were born! I can assure you that somebody that was born on the same day as me in a lower caste family in India has not had the same opportunities as me and may even be dead!

But going back to the subject of working…

 Work should be a pleasure and retiring should not have to mean you stop working!It should mean you start doing things you like,the way you like it,when you like and with total freedom!And if others simply want to retire they can do so!Although to retire is to die little by little.Especially with little activity, your body ceases to be active and dies little by little and your quality of life lessens.You have to be active until you die whenever possible. We must also be able to live without depending on the pensions of the State that we have at the moment.And also to stop believing that there are not enough young people and that it will be impossible to maintain pensions.We must not think that there is scarcity.We must depend on ourselves,our work,our efforts! 

The problem is that in Spain and many other countries we are not sufficiently compensated for our efforts.

 We have science and technology to help us.And we know how to depend upon ourselves.  We invent robots and machines that can do difficult and precarious jobs,unpleasant jobs and also necessary ones and that leaves time for human hands to be used for more pleasant jobs and gives us more time too!  We must educate ourselves to learn how to appreciate work and learn from the past.Like him who enslaved the black race( a strong race) and non-blacks.The human race has committed atrocities!  Nowadays we have created fun jobs and activities. And if some jobs are not so fun and there is no chance for radical change,at least for the time we can still feel like we have the best job in the world. This, as I have mentioned on previous occasions, can be achieved by good relations between colleagues and between management and employees. Management motivating employees with money and time off. And surely there will be many more things, its just a matter of asking! 

We have to use the money we manufacture/make/earn ourselves in a different way!

 The consumerism that we see is getting out of hand! Compulsive consumerism is addictive and does not contribute anything good,either to the body or the mind!  Lets rather invent interesting  and entertaining things,thinking about ourselves and one another and stop inventing things to sell that only a few benefit from and are harmful to the planet.  Lets invent more machines that do difficult and precarious jobs.For example the great consumption of rice that still see people bending over in the hot sun,breaking their backs to pick rice and for a shameful salary!  We have verified for example that entertainment moves and generates a lot of everything.Concerts,theatre,festivals,Scaperooms,peaceful demonstrations,sports,etc. Surely we can invent many more fun activities.  The festivities generate a lot of money and the people enjoy them. People also like to work at them too as long as they are well paid of course. The holidays for example also move a lot of money as people spend and have a good time! Just do not over celebrate with food and drink.As I have said before we eat and drink too much! 

But I would like to clarify this point…

 We are invaded by food and drinks everywhere and we are over-fed.Also all this drink and food are not necessary in our bodies as all the media and ‘professionals’ would have us believe and like to sell to us.Food can cause many diseases and and also lead to obesity.We know food is good and it is even been made into food art but we eat less of that,consume less and it makes a lot of garbage.And we are filling the garbage with our waste and dirt.Lets clean up our shit that we’ve dumped and accumulated on the earth and in the oceans and start eating less and consuming less,at least until we find the formula for how not to make so much garbage from eating . Compulsive consumerism has been proven to be addictive and does not bring any good to the mind or the body.

We must think of changing habits and customs.

 Many people might think that I live in my own world,the world of Cris.But with so many festivities and celebrations, how is the country going to be maintained.Can robots and machines do all that?  I assure you it is imminent. With machines controlled by people of a good nature that are educated and use logic and are respectful and fair, the world would work perfectly and much better.  We have thousands of engineers,computer scientists,doctors,students etc.There are already people creating advances in the world. We must stop creating weapons that kill people though!Instead of creating weapons that kill people lets focus more for example on the plastic that is in the ocean,which is harming the creatures that live in them.  To the human what matters most is that we are paid well.It is the same for us to make weapons or to make beds. The case is to have a well paid job. We have created our work. We must make the system as we want, for ourselves. We are the ones who must set the rules and regulations. Why are so many people still in horrible jobs and living bitter lives?  The rules that exist do not work. People are not free and in many cases not happy!   

There is no freedom!

  Another reality of life that does not allow people to enjoy all that is good about life and freedom is this idea about what seems to be your only option and that is to create a family with children and to have stability is to then mate and have kids.  Well I have discovered that there are many more options in this life.And not just a couple,but infinite options.  Very clearly the difference between the heterosexual world and the homosexual world ,is in the gay world they have a better time,they enjoy life more and are less complicated. Why? One of the reasons is because they do not have children.Because they cannot have them as easily as a straight couple and so they do not enter into that system.  I have also seen what sex without compromises is and open couples in the gay world.It sounds like an aberration in many cultures and thought,but it is the opposite.It is a much more healthy,fun and of course respectful way of being  However the heterosexual world is the world of a double life and double standards.Things may remain hidden for years even for a lifetime.There is a lot of hypocrisy and falsehood. 

Something is going wrong!

 Fortunately I left that mentality behind and now I enjoy my life. I do not want material things nor waste money  on whims and wants or even having a partner always by my side. I enjoy all the freedom I have. And of course thanks to my work I do not lack sex or even affection. Although many do not believe it but in this profession you get lot of love. For me it is enough to not need to be with someone.  Thanks to my bipolar outbreaks and the thrusts of life,I left the ‘catch 22’ system(the whiting that bites its own tail)  I am very happy to have learned in my forties to know how to be alone and stop thinking that I need a person by my side to make me happy.Even having a child,or a pet(though both can be adorable) is not necessary.But being alone and enjoying the quality of life.  Also getting married and having children should not be the goal before forty! The subliminal and also direct messages of the world has set this up with movies,series,religions etc that reflect that behaviour. That 70% of the population is their goal.It is good that there are people who want to have children and it is even necessary for the human race perhaps but in this life there are many ways to live this life and enjoy it!  And really,we are overpopulated.And many born are in need.And I’m done with this! 

As I said.

 The formula is not to depend on something or someone.That does not make us happy!  When one learns and manages to be independent,he/she discovers that it is amazing!. It is not a matter of days or weeks or even months but takes years. From my point of view I have created for me the best work in the world.  I love my life and my work!. And the result..happiness!   

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