Hi, I’m Cristina, otherwise known as Cris Blas and Blassia.

I was born in Madrid in 1973. I am a pansexual, polyamorous, naturalist and a liberal married woman .

I am a Life Sex Coach. I teach, help and motivate all people to have a satisfying and fulfilling sex life. I teach people how to enjoy sex with as much pleasure as possible.

I have been in the sex business for 10 years and have observed that the world of couples is lacking in good sex and also the same applies to single women of mature age.

My job is to teach how to have good orgasms, as a couple or individually. To communicate to couples in bed. To resolve doubts about sex.


I also provide individual personal support to couples or mixed groups.

I am perfectly bisexual. My escort service is equally for men, women, couples, cisgender, Trans, Gay, bisexual, lesbian, gender-queer (non-binary).

If you are looking for a moment of unhurried relaxation, I can be your companion.

I am an educated and discreet person. I like politeness. And hygiene is very important to me.

I offer you relaxation, pleasure, confidentiality, interpersonal skills, and good conversation. I don’t prejudge and I’m pretty open-minded.

Happy, smiling, different, special, mature. I love my job and enjoy it very much.

Sessions last from one hour to 8 hours. I also offer one-week sessions.

Personalized services.

Sessions at my private residence or at a chosen location.

You can find me in Paris right now.


I am also an artistic and erotic nude model. I do a collaboration with anyone who wants to take pictures with their camera and I can publish them on this website.

I think normalizing nudity helps normalize sexuality.


Also, you are invited to be part of the naturist sexuality community where we meet once a month to talk about sex. Doubts, questions, anecdotes, everything related to sexuality. You can register at this link.


We meet once a month.




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