Hello, I am Cristina, I was born in Madrid in 1973. I am a pansexual, polygamous, polyamorous, nudist, naturalist and liberal woman. Married

I am a sex life coach. I teach, help and motivate everyone to have a satisfying and fulfilling sex life. Learn how to get the most out of your sexuality.

I have been in the world of sexuality for 10 years and I have observed that the world of couples lacks good sex, as well as elderly women.

My job is to teach how to have good orgasms, as a couple or individually. Communicate with couples in bed. Solve doubts about sex.

The sessions are online or in person.


I am also a great escort that you can find me especially in Zurich, Geneva, Madrid, Paris, Los Angeles.

My escort service is for men, women, couples, trans, gay, bisexual, lesbian, asexual, pansexual. LGBTQIA +

I love my accompaniment work and I really enjoy it. I offer a pleasant moment of relaxation and disconnection. I do not prejudge and I am quite open.

I am an educated, discreet person and I like hygiene and education.

Attractive, cheerful, smiling, different, special.

I offer you relaxation, pleasure, confidentiality, good conversation and during the session.

Sessions are from one hour to 8 hours. I also offer weekly sessions.

Customized services.

I receive you or I move.


I also pose as an artistic and erotic nude model. I collaborate with anyone who wants to take photos with their camera and can post them on my website.

I think normalizing nudity helps normalize sexuality.


Also, you are invited to be part of the naturist sexuality community where we meet once a month to talk about sex. Doubts, questions, anecdotes, everything related to sexuality. You can subscribe in this link.


We meet once a month.