Night sex brings consequences.

Sex at night! Customers do not realize how much they promote drug trafficking and girl trafficking. Honestly, it is not very positive.

I know that many girls work the night because they want to make money. The truth is, I don’t see how it is healthy. In the long run, it creates distortions in sleep, alcoholism and drug addiction.

In my case, it doesn’t work for me. And more so with my psychotic breakdowns.

In regard to a breakdown, I would have one again, for sure!  I would not mind, the last time was so cool, magical and pleasant! The bad thing is that the system does not know how to treat me and sometimes they cause injury. On the other hand, I prefer not to experience it because  I am now at the stage of my life where I’m very balanced. A new breakdown always distorts my behaviour and affects me financially.

Returning to the theme of night customers.

For those who fuck, when they drink or take drugs and they pass out. They want sex because they already have a relationship with sex, drugs and alcohol.  They want an orgasm before sleeping, and only a prostitute would hold you in this state. I tell you, that you are not making a good contribution to the profession for the prostitutes mental and physical health.

There are quite a few sex workers who work with such clients and most end up spending money on drugs to endure the night.  Others end up leaving it because they no longer want that life.

I am a day worker. A little sex in the morning or a little nap with sex in the afternoon. There are many hours a day to have sex, for me the night is for sleeping or in another case, to go out with my friends and drink and get high with them. Not with clients.

You end up a drug addict if you work with these clients at night. To endure the night you need things such as drugs or alcohol.

However, day sex with nothing in between is the best. It is also beneficial for health. Having orgasms is something everyone likes.

I would like to mention Marijuana. It helps to feel more.

I have been in the profession for 9 years and I want to continue because I have healthy sex.

I don’t get tired, I keep learning new things and I still want to do it. I have stopped thinking about leaving the profession. On the contrary every year I have more clients and the clients grow with me.

But hey, I think someday I’ll get tired. We will see!!.


Prostitution Legal or non-legal?

Prostitution or sex worker is a very beautiful profession. In each country, I have been to I see how they distort the profession and each country makes the same mistakes. And this has been for years.

I am sure that legislated prostitution would end trafficking in women.  It is not legalised therefore can not be controlled. And that is what is needed, to start controlling it and to make it safe.

I do not know what the UN or WHO is doing here in this world with these statistics that it publicly draws. But then I do not see that it acts on the problem regarding trafficking in women. It has me a bit overwhelmed. After 9 years I still see the same mistakes. You are supposed to be professionals, but the answer is always: “It’s hard” And that makes it difficult! Everything is difficult in this life.

The UN is located in one of the most expensive cities in the world, Geneva. Where the salaries and support of those who work in it is very expensive and it remains there.

I do not see results!

I still see the dictatorship of North Korea and the war in Syria, and of course, prostitution not controlled worldwide.

There are supposed to be organisations that are still struggling with women’s trafficking, but I think they are doing it wrong.

Legalisation would be regulation and control, in addition to paying taxes and creating many jobs. Money for the state.

Why is there not legalization, as it has been done for so many years,  being one of the oldest professions in history?

I also don’t put the blame on the prostitutes who do it, because they want to and they are many. If they hide themselves it is difficult for them to have rights. But I still don’t understand why they hide. I understand it less and less. I have said it a thousand times, it is a totally necessary profession and if we pay for everything, paying for sex is the most normal thing in the world.

Men are so animalistic sometimes in sex and they cause this type of tragic prostitution.

I do not understand that there are customers who go to flats and clubs where there is not a good atmosphere and they notice there are women there not by their own choice.

If customers did not utilize such services, there would be no traffic, no customers, no business.

The prostitution that exists is lacking in professionalism and quality and one of the reasons is because it is not legalized.

It is also a profession that not everyone is worthy of just as not everyone is worthy of being a doctor. So it would be necessary to prepare a person to be a good Escort. Just like one would prepare themselves for studying public relations.

To not see the idea as disgusting and change this unresolved mentality.  In the end, the profession exists but often without professionalism.

Prostitution is nothing bad and prostitutes are not girls who chose to do prostitution just because people say they have hit a dead end. On the contrary, there are many very intelligent prostitutes.

Customers and people think that you are a prostitute out of necessity and because you have nothing else and they think they are more than you. That point of view is very wrong. We are so many girls and women who we do it because we want to even though we could be doing other things.

We are not conformists and we adapt to a job with a salary and controlled schedules.


Thanks to this work…

I have not gone through a depression, I wake up without an alarm clock, I can afford to study again, learn languages, do the sport I like, travel, meet different people and above all, have good sex almost every day.

I no longer have to endure what I don’t want to. No one should endure anything from anyone. This hierarchy that has provoked system with these people of nobility from the past and nowadays the university degrees and titles.


Now it takes very little to block a contact. I quickly stop wasting time with people who do not take this service with the seriousness and pleasure it deserves. I used to waste too much time with stupid, impolite calls, now I block them!

You can also block me, of course!