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Answer to those who are outraged by seeing naked people in public places.

They criticise nudists; They call us exhibitionists, uncivilised and blame us for giving a shameful image to the younger generation. What they don’t realise, is they, because they haven’t really thought deeply, that it’s the opposite, showing parts of the body is natural. The unnatural thing is to bathe in the sea in a swimsuit. I don’t know in which cultures and societies we began to be ashamed of going naked. I imagine that when the man/boy, penis gets hard when excited. They wanted to hide that excitement and that impulse and control unwanted pregnancies. So they decided to...

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It is said that without a university degree, you are not worthy! 

  As a friend told me the day I was rejected from the Paris School of Sexology: “You are already a sexologist” Three years ago I submitted my application to study Sexology, but it was rejected. So I decided to look for other options. I leave this link where I wrote about it. My enrolment in sexology was rejected because I am a prostitute.   After being rejected and wanting to continue studying, I looked for other options and what was closest was a life coach course along with a sex coach course. Despite its price, it was clear...

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The world is blind and Spain is the blindest.

Between the trip to Madrid last year for the operation of my fibroids and a stay in Madrid for three months, it was made clear to me that with my work and my time and energy other countries pay me more and right now I prefer to think about myself more than about family, friends and husband. Spain continues as always. People live with the bare minimum, they can’t even heat their homes in winter and think that it’s normal because they don’t know about other options or that they exist. The system you have created does not help...

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Do men fuck more than women? My wife doesn’t make me hard anymore! I am addicted to sex!

Let’s talk again about sexuality and about the calls I receive from my advertisement as a sex coach. I still get 100% calls from men. It must be that women already know everything and they do not need to learn more. They have no doubts that their sexuality is full or it is that they do not like to have orgasms and pleasure. Or, they are happy to live without it or could be that with the Satisfayer (sex toy), they don’t need another person to have pleasure with. Not men, men are insistent and are always looking for new sensations in sex. They are still curious and since it is normal for them to pay for it, they have more sex than women. But women, what kind of sex do they learn if they don’t practice it either in marriage or outside of marriage? Men pay and have sex, but women, I wonder how much sex they have throughout their lives? Because I am a sex worker, otherwise I would be like most women my age, I would have a life almost without sex. Luckily, I became a sex worker, otherwise, I don’t know if I would know how to give the pleasure that I give and have the pleasure that I have. I wouldn’t have learned it. Because what I have learned so far has taken me...

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Sex professionals have learned how to have good sex.

Sex, whether you are paying for it or not, in my personal opinion, the best part is undoubtedly the physical pleasure that one feels inside the body. For me, sex is giving and receiving physical pleasure. All those variations that have been associated with it, such as role-play, domination, submission, kindness, Sado, dolls, etc., are fantasies but it is not physical pleasure, it is mental. They are techniques that help to get you excited. I could say it is psychological that we feel this in our pleasure centres in our brains and that it is not physical. Unless you...

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Driving, eating, customers

For most of my life, not only now as an Escort, I have travelled to different countries and have lived in them and many things still seem to me very curious. It depends where you learn something, it becomes automatic. And for some it is strange and for others, it is the most natural and normal thing in the world. That is why every day I’m clear that we are the system we create. We have nothing left of our own instinct! It disappears over the years. We are all in the same world but it’s different in each...

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Let’s discover and invent pleasant working conditions.Happiness is important,right?

One way or another we all have to do something. We can call  it working, doing an activity or running a business.I do not know anyone that does absolutely nothing.It would also be boring. And in the end there are always things to do.   We all come from where we do not know. There is nothing that confirms this but we know we all start in the womb of  woman.Where you were born,in what country,in what city or family at any given moment,will also shape the direction of your life.  We have had the luck,and I include myself in that, to...

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