As a friend told me the day I was rejected from the Paris School of Sexology: “You are already a sexologist

Three years ago I submitted my application to study Sexology, but it was rejected. So I decided to look for other options.

I leave this link where I wrote about it.


After being rejected and wanting to continue studying, I looked for other options and what was closest was a life coach course along with a sex coach course.

Despite its price, it was clear to me that I wanted to take a Sex Coach course. I had two options that I liked. One in Los Angeles, USA and another in Laussane, Switzerland.

Courses were more than €3,000. I was hoping to go either to Switzerland or to LA.

But between the pandemic and that I fell in love and I stayed in Paris.

Now we are lucky that we have everything on the internet, you don’t need to go to a face-to-face school to listen to a teacher and have them examine you with a grade and give you a title.

Except for some professions, of course!

But especially to be a sex coach, you don’t need to study any profession related to health, psychology, or sexology. I assure you even in your forties.

Psychology is given to you by life and sexology is given to you by experience.


If you are one of those who think that only those who have a university degree are valued, then you are disrespectful to all of us who learn it based on life and experience.

I make it clear, I have not studied Psychology or Sexology at the university, and I do not have the titles that accredit me.

I am going to recount my professional experience throughout my life so that everyone can draw their own conclusions.

From the age of 14 or so, when they had “El Kristal”, a Cafeteria Pub in Parla, Madrid, I helped my parents at the bar and served customers, especially on weekends.

Also during High School, I worked with my father in the Community Video, with a 3-hour schedule and he paid me a salary. I collected receipts for advertising, answered the phone and helped the clients who came to the office.

When I was 19 years old, after trying COU twice (a course in Spain for admission into University). I decided to continue studying. I would have liked to study Journalism at that time, but studying was getting worse and worse, I really liked going out and being with my friends and my boyfriend, so I opted for Marketing because, with BUP (High School Certificate)  and passing an entrance exam, I was accepted.

It was three years and while I was studying I worked with whatever came up. Waitress, Telemarketing, Congress and Television Hostess. It did not stop.

I finished Marketing and writing a CV, the first job that came up for me was selling houses. I was there for a year and the truth is that I was very good at it, many sales managers liked me.

So, one day I decided to go to England as an Au-Pair because I wanted to learn English.

I was in England for 15 months and I returned to Spain because of a love affair. When I had to leave, I regretted it, but everything was already organised.

When I returned to Spain, There was a TCP (air hostess) course starting at the INEM, now called SEPE, all government-funded and I quickly signed up. The most difficult thing was the English test, but since I just came from England, I was good at it and my application was successful.

The course was for three months and at the same time, I worked as a hostess for congresses, television and PR on weekends in nightclubs.

When I finished the TCP course, several airline calls came out and I joined a charter flight company. I was there for about three years until I had my first psychotic breakdown and I was fired.

Depressed, I looked for work and worked in about four more commercial companies for different sectors, where I received different sales training courses with well-known trainers in the sector.

Later I started my own business importing furniture, bed linen and decoration accessories, where, for three years, I travelled to Asia to manufacture and then sold in Spain.

I had done a Marketing Project at the Madrid Chamber of Commerce for 3 months and it was for this project that the bank granted me a line of credit to continue the business. With the endorsement of my parents, of course!

I had my second psychotic episode and I ended up admitted to a psychiatric hospital in Bali, where my mother had to come pick me up and as soon as she was able to get me out of the psychiatric hospital she made me come directly to Madrid.

I didn’t know how to manage it very well and after a psychotic breakdown that nobody takes you seriously and nobody helps you, the money and the effort of three years vanished.

Then I spent four years in a national insurance company selling insurance and managing portfolios.

I had my third psychotic episode and after a month and a half was admitted to the psychiatric hospital with another depressive episode, as soon as I got up and said I was Bipolar, they kicked me out too.

The best thing that could happen to me. 

They compensated me correctly and from the day following being fired, as if by magic, my depression lifted.

A depression that people noticed and told me that I was not the same.


I was depressed in the system, my conscience knew other ways to live and that depressed me.


By chance on the internet, I saw an advertisement looking for a girl with clear ideas and that was me, so I called.

I had been fired in May 2011 and in June 2011 I was serving my first client as a Whore.

Until now June 2023, 12 years later, I consider myself an Escort Life Sex Coach Hands-On, all genders, nudist, naturist.

How long this took?

But it is to define my philosophy, my lifestyle and my profession.

Escort: because I am a sex companion.

Life: for all my experience and training throughout my life.

Sex: because it’s what I’ve been doing for 12 years as a professional and about 8 years as a promiscuous woman on the internet.

Coach: because I am in charge of learning and I can teach what I have learned to improve that taboo sex that has been created.

Hands-On: because it is what the Americans have called it to explain that it is taught through practice, that is, how real sex is done.

All genders, because I never distinguish between genders.

Nudist, because I love being naked, I’m not ashamed, nor do I see it as embarrassing, quite the contrary, it is showing you really how you are and my sessions are naked.

And naturist, because every time I like naturism more. Although being natural is difficult in this moment of society but hey, I try.

I have been diagnosed with bipolar since 2000. I have had about six or seven admissions. I have been in group therapy for over 10 years and have been seeing my psychiatrist two to three times a year ever since.

Some psychology and psychiatry without studying, I think I have a little idea.

I have been a sex worker since 2011 and I have not stopped working in all those years and travelling and learning about sex.

I have been training online as a Life sex coach for three years. Now you have all the courses you can take at a university on the Internet. I assure you! Maybe not in your language, but in English you have everything.

I follow several sex coaches and sexologists online. I have read and continue to read sex coach books. I have taken several courses in life coaching, values and accompaniment and I am in a Coaches academy (Achology) where I attend two or three classes per week and if I can more.

I offer great massages. A client tells me that together with another masseuse, I give the best massage in Paris.

I have travelled half the world and not only travelled, I have lived. I don’t know how many times I’ve already left my comfort zone.

It is clear that my studies do not qualify me as a sexologist, according to Google, but I am clear that if we take two people with the same sexual problem, the sexologist with their experience and I with mine; I would like to see the result of each patient or client.

In medicine, it is called a patient and in coaching it is a client, but we know that in the end, they are the same people.

Surely the one who goes to the sexologist will believe that they have a problem and will take medication and the one who spends a few sessions with me will say: Where is the problem? And they will have had very good orgasms and will be more sure of themself in their next sexual relationship.

That professionalism and that medical language seem to be correct, but from my point of view, it only serves to label you and prescribe medication.

I do not have such a bureaucratic vocabulary nor are my services as such but I am sure that many sexologists do not know sex and pleasure as I do. Because they went to university and took an exam and obtained a degree, they are considered more professionals than a sex worker without a license.

With all this, if someone still believes that I am not a psychologist, or a sexologist, because I do not have a university degree.

I invite them to go see a sexologist with a degree and then me and then question my ability. They underestimate without knowing. That is a lack of respect in addition to speaking without knowing.

Whoever doesn’t know me first-hand, don’t judge! It is very ugly and receiving messages like this is unpleasant:

March 27
But did someone hire you? Why do they call themselves nothing, it seems a bit strong to me, the deal of the century, let’s go
Don’t underestimate things without knowing them. 6:29 p.m.
Wednesday, March 29
For everything in this life you need experience and I doubt yours will help anyone let alone your point of view without even not
studied psychology…
Come on, you scholar 0:02
I hope you eat a ñordo, honestly 0:02


Thanks to my own website I have been able to express myself and reflect my professionalism.

I have been able to write and post the photos that I have wanted without censorship or taboos and my work has been written and reflected since 2011.

Regarding my rates, which are also questioned, I can adapt to the country where I am, but I also give myself my value, the client and the market do not.

I am sure that the service that I offer practically does not exist yet.

If with all that experience, I’m still not a professional because the State doesn’t recognise it, then what kind of professionals is the world busy with? Like the sexologist from Paris who rejected my candidacy, for example.

Authenticity, trust, professionalism and purpose are the work of a lifetime.

I invite you to watch this video.

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