They criticise nudists; They call us exhibitionists, uncivilised and blame us for giving a shameful image to the younger generation.

What they don’t realise, is they, because they haven’t really thought deeply, that it’s the opposite, showing parts of the body is natural.

The unnatural thing is to bathe in the sea in a swimsuit.

I don’t know in which cultures and societies we began to be ashamed of going naked.

I imagine that when the man/boy, penis gets hard when excited. They wanted to hide that excitement and that impulse and control unwanted pregnancies. So they decided to totally cover the woman and partly cover the man.

I don’t know, I wonder where the habit of covering oneself with clothes came from.

Also the cold, of course! Men used the skins of animals that were hunted for food and used for shelter.

From there the wrong idea of nudity has been created as more than 95% of the population is totally influenced by the customs and rules that have been imposed on us. Which is created by humans.

But if we go to the concept of Nature, which would be logical, then go naked!

We live in a society where dressing is already a form of consumerism and is supported by religious ideologies.

So we naturists have to put up with being talked about in this way, making us believe that what we are doing is something unworthy, as this message that has come into my hands says. Read it, please.

Each one in his room and in his bed to do what he wants as long as there is mutual consent and of course minors are excluded and safeguarded.
But this is not a claim, it is not a fight against anything… this is literally a social shame, a lack of respect for common sense, a bad example for children, harassment against ethics, morality and civility more elementary. And if the town halls applied the 4 Supreme Court rulings where they confirm that you cannot go naked down the street, they would apply exemplary fines to put an end to this madness.
Your freedom ends where mine begins. And if you pass me on the street with your dick in the air and there are children around, like in the photograph, I will consider you an exhibitionist and I will be happy to pay the fine that is imposed on me for doing what I have to do…

First of all, let’s stop safeguarding minors, always shielding them and excusing them in order to be morally approved by the law and the Constitution.

1. You are eating and feeding your children meat every day, we don’t even know where they come from. If there is animal abuse or if the animals are fed with substances that reach the bodies of children in full growth age.

2. You are providing video games with weapons, submachine guns, fights, and atomic bombs, which, since it is virtual, you think that you do not distort the reality of the child at that age.

3. You are educating them in the system that the system forces on you. That many of us know, that it is useless at the moment of truth!

An education that makes us lose the best time of our lives to learn everything.

The educational system does not get the best of us at an early age, which is when you are a sponge and can learn up to ten languages in ten years.

4. You dress them and most of you dress in clothes that are made by workers that work in poor conditions, I would like to know how many of you would work like this. And not only for those who manufacture them but for everything around that entire sector.

I can go on and on arguing that we are teaching the new generations, but with what I have already mentioned, I think it is clear enough, in what we are teaching the children.

However, you want to protect them from seeing dicks, pussies and tits.

Surely if we change the words and put other concepts that sound sweeter, it would already sound differently mentally.

Tails, pussies and boom-booms.

As this person mentions in their message, it sounds like they are showing submachine guns.

Because religions and cultures have said that it is something uncivilised, I no longer understand what is Civilised and Uncivilised.

I missed a thread, explain it to me!

A civilised is a person who behaves correctly and politely.

In the photo, I see that the people who are naked are not showing off, attracting attention, or being rude or impolite. What I only see is that they are not dressed.

Truthfully, when I am naked I am correct and educated, that is to say, civilised.

That the eyes of that person are not used to it and do not see it that way does not mean that naturist nudists are losing respect for society.

You are losing respect for me because you don’t tolerate me doing what you don’t want to do. But I’m not telling you to do what I do. I do not force you to go naked.

What a “mania” with wanting to force others to think as one thinks. That is a lack of tolerance and respect.

Your respect begins where mine ends and vice versa. But from what perspective? Only from yours? Well, that’s called egocentrism.

There is not only your perspective, there are many more.

We, nudists, are already fed up with going dressed and as soon as we can we get naked and of course, it is a claim. We want to be without clothes, without fabrics, with nothing to cover our bodies, because, believe it or not, we are bothered by it.

Personally, clothes bother me, but out of politeness and respect, I have been carrying this annoyance for many years.

So if we want to get common sense, which is common sense for you and which is for me? We could debate this for hours. But the truth is that I prefer to be with other people with whom I am more interested in spending my time and talking.

Harassment to Ethics?

Definition of Ethics by Wikipedia.

1. Philosophical discipline that studies good and evil and their relationship with morality and human behaviour.” Aristotle was the founder of ethics

2. Set of customs and norms that direct or value human behaviour in a community.

There are still many perspectives on what Ethics is. And two definitions. The philosophical and the created by norms and customs. I stayed in the first definition. What for you is a bad thing, turns out to be a good thing for me. That would be another discussion.

Ethics, are we harassing you?

Ethics; Well, forgive our behaviour, but it’s not going with bad intentions at all, neither obscene nor twisted.

To the commentary on the Morality and Civics of the most elementary; elemental, I call you. From the Elementary (Basic) school.

We return to the different perspectives of what morality and civility are for you and what it is for me.

And what about paying the fine for having done what you had to do? Is that setting a good example for your son? You are giving yourself away with that threatening, intolerant and disrespectful behaviour.

Come now! We are not going crazy!

We nudists are not exhibitionists, get it out of your heads. It’s just being naked in public, nothing more! The rest you imagine.

It annoys me to read these things, but as a good coach that I am becoming, I relax, reflect and continue with my philosophy of life and I use my means to answer all these people who do not respect naturist nudists.

We nudist naturists are sick of going dressed where you could go naked and sick of having to feel like we’re doing something shameful.

Between my profession and my philosophy of life, I have to put up with these bad manners and disrespect.

I’m fed up!

Until now I have respected your fabrics, and your clothes; but after reading these words of disrespect and wearing this image, it makes me move more to expand the practice of nudism.

That is why I have created this petition for all those people who consider themselves Tolerant and Respectful to sign. So although they don’t like it, they have respect for others that do.

That because you don’t feel comfortable being naked, you understand me, that I do feel comfortable. And surely more than you, who is dressed.


Cris Blas

Life Sex Coach Hands-On

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