Hi, I’m Cris Blas, I was born in Madrid, Spain in 1973. I’m a pansexual polyamorous naturist and my passion in this life is to bring sexuality and nudism out of the closet and to make sexual pleasure known in a natural way without shame or taboos.

I discovered orgasm at the age of 27 because I had no sex education or any information about pleasure and above all because I didn’t talk about it. The opposite was totally hidden.

For that, this community is to have a meeting point where everyone is welcome and everyone can propose and has a voice to talk about sex.

The community serves for us to meet with a common purpose, to take sexuality and nudism out of the closet. Showing the body and accepting it are also linked to sexuality.

If you want to belong to it, you just have to register through this link and you will receive all the activities and events that take place.


You can also take part through the Meetup website