Between the trip to Madrid last year for the operation of my fibroids and a stay in Madrid for three months, it was made clear to me that with my work and my time and energy other countries pay me more and right now I prefer to think about myself more than about family, friends and husband.

Spain continues as always. People live with the bare minimum, they can’t even heat their homes in winter and think that it’s normal because they don’t know about other options or that they exist.

The system you have created does not help people prosper. Only 20% of the population grows, the rest are mileuristas (income of close to a 1.000€/month).

On the subject of the sex worker, they are totally hermetic.

Advertising on the internet is to decorate the ad so that it does not look like you are a sex worker. But you keep advertising.

We continue in the absurd mentality that being a sex worker is not a job and it is not dignified. Even feminists want to abolish it. They don’t understand that sex work is consensual, they still don’t see it, and they keep mixing it up with sex trafficking.

I only ask that one of those feminists who criticise and defend that abolition, spend six months with me and then we’ll talk again. She would then know what she is talking about because now the truth is that they have no idea what they are claiming to be the truth.

I’m sorry, but I’m not going to hurt myself, I’m going out of Spain and letting them know that they are losing a sex professional, that although it is not believed and seen, it is necessary.

A pleasant sexual life would prevent many from taking Xanax!

They would avoid the expense of medicines and also the sex workers would pay taxes. There would be an economic benefit. Isn’t that exactly what governments are always interested in? In collecting?

Good sex in the end is also for the rich people because right now paying a sexual coach to teach you or simply to have real sex, not everyone can afford it.

In Spain, the rate that I have reached with respect to the world average is high for retirees who cannot afford it and non-retirees and workers have other more important things to spend their money on, which I understand that my rate does not apply either.  They can afford it and if they can, they don’t have the conscience to spend it on a good sexual service, they prefer to go to a party and then pay a basic rate and a whorehouse sex.

So Spain will continue to have bad sex because there is neither conscience, morality, laws, nor education that allows sexual education and sexual pleasure to be promoted.

As long as it continues to be hidden and sex is not professionalized, you will see that uncultivated and unpleasant sex continues to exist.

Massages and caresses would help people much more than day residences.

More sex workers, more social workers and less police and politicians.

As it is now organised, society will continue to have sex full of taboos and prostitution (I would abolish that term) camouflaged for years.

I will die and there will continue to be sex where the fuck ends when the man cums and thinks that with the missionary he has given pleasure to the woman.

And the woman will continue to fake orgasms and endure the pain that men do to her who have no idea of giving women pleasure.

It is difficult to find men who know how to give pleasure and women who know how to guide them.

Men believe we are all the same and like the same thing. They show no interest in knowing how the other person likes them. They don’t talk, they don’t ask, they don’t communicate and if you talk and ask, because you need to know what they like (each person is different), you feel like: “Shut up and let’s get on with this and don’t talk too much.”

All the Sex Coaches that I listen to point out that the first step in a sexual relationship is communication. Well, no one complies.

Taking out the abolition law is continuing to hide an eminent activity that will never stop and what they are doing is worsening the situation of sex workers and the sexual life of humans.

What a bunch of professionals we have in governments, nobody has the balls to deal with the oldest profession in the world. Is incredible!

Those who run the country are so skilled at campaigning for elections, but they don’t see that they are so skilled at keeping the people unhappy and unable to have a good lifestyle.

With the geniuses that are around the world, a contest could be held to propose government ideas and vote on them among all.

They are voting for different artists all day, for their voices and talents and they are not doing a genius contest to propose different ways of governing a country.

Well no, people all day complaining, confronting each other, criticising those on the right with the left and vice versa, how basic, and continuing to vote for politicians.

What a pity!

I wrote a few years ago that Spain needs an ERE and an audit as it deserves, well done, not what they are auditing now. 

Six years have passed and it continues, it’s worse in my profession.

I think it’s clear, whether you’re from the right or the left, that the politicians are not doing it well.

There are outdated jobs, and unnecessary money flows.

The world believes that only politicians, kings and dictators can rule, but I am sure that you can govern without politicians, kings, or dictators.

The world is blind and Spain is the blindest.