I grew up with the idea that being rich was the best life. I thought that being rich and having money was the best. I thought about money too much. Sometimes it created frustration for me.

You think of rich people and money with envy and I imagine that like me, many people think like that.

We are educated in a culture where money is the main value. This is how I perceived it where I grew up, on the outskirts of Madrid.

We saw the money of the privileged and envied it. I envied the lives of the rich. I admit to that!

Now I see things differently. For me, the word rich corresponds to me more a free person, who manages his time, who can easily afford his basic needs and who does not depend on achieving his balance in life because of money.

Lead a rich life without being rich.

I have achieved this and now I understand why in my last psychotic breakdown, more than 5 years ago, I felt rich. Now I understand, I was not rich in money, but I was rich in this life. I managed my life at 100%.

At that moment, when I had my breakdown, I didn’t understand it. I believed that wealth, and how I had been educated, wealth was money. In my psychotic episode, in my reality, I transformed wealth into money but what my reality actually meant at that time is that I was rich in freedom, spirit and ideals.

Luckily I no longer gave up spending when I felt rich. In these first breakdowns, you spend compulsively, you like everything and you see it as useful.

I am no longer wasteful, as my mother has called me a thousand times. I

In my house, there was too much money. From ages 12 years to 24, I acquired a bad habit. I always had money and I was never short.

I had to have several financial crises in my life, to learn not to waste money. I finally got out of the consumerist system and the balance of money has been achieved.

Thank you! Thank you!  Thank you!  I have finally achieved my financial and personal independence.

Since I got out of the scheduling system, obsessive goals, and toxic friendships, my psychotic breakdowns have turned into positive realities.

The system made me bipolar.


With money, we create enemies, false friends and confrontations. Money is misused.

Many of the people with a lot of money are losing the plot.

I see it in those reality shows in the US, on Netflix. What reference and education we are giving to the next generations.

These immense houses are built for a few people and sometimes even for one person with raised prices that only a few lucky people can access, while the rest live as they can.

Raising the economic system to a standard of living that maintaining it means enslaving yourself to work.

Millionaires purchase the best houses in the best places in the world, leaving them inaccessible to locals.

The life of rich and poor remains and will continue to exist. This does not seem to change.

Also when people get rich, especially the new rich or the children of their children, most of them become eccentric and arrogant. They do not see beyond their own reality. And they don’t know empathy at all.

What they do not see or do not want to see, that all that work with them, who are around them put on the best faces only because they charge a salary for it. I would bet that if there was no money involved, they would not continue to put up with those who have bad manners.

Nobody says anything to them, on the contrary, the richer, the more we praise them. Because of having to earn a salary, even if you are treated as their servants, it’s the job, and many humans lose their dignity.

That arrogance without any empathy and assertiveness that wealth causes.

Money makes some believe that they are more important than others and some less important.

Of course, not all rich people are the same, as not all the blacks are the same, not all the lawyers, not all the hairdressers, not all the Muslims, not all the women, etc., we are all human.


The VIP class, the Lux.

In luxury tourism and hospitality, it is clear that there is a lot of nonsense in how they treat the rich. They make a fuss of them and they spoil them.

They give in to all their whims but they make sure they make their commission, of course!

Make a fuss of the clients for money and to know how to sell products to the Lux.

It has been possible to sell a product at the price you want and direct it to that market, that audience, in this case, that of the rich.

The rich are often not the people, they are the companies, which pay the expenses of the people.

Products have been sold at incredible amounts, such as bottles of champagne at € 15,000 and dinners and shows up to € 100,000. An incredible cost!

Another sector is fashion that has managed to captivate the wealthy so much that they want us to believe that if you are not wearing a Christian Dior, a Hermes, a Burberry or a Prada, you are not cool, trendy or rich. And wearing Zara and H&M is for beggars.

If we analyse all those brands, in the end, they are companies whose objective is to make money but with a different target audience. That of the rich and that of the poor. But they all manufactured in the same places.

The price of the final product is really the commissions of the intermediaries because labour and material cost the least.

The intermediaries are becoming more and more extravagant and also want the life of the rich by becoming rich. In the end, it is a vicious circle. A catch twenty-two situation.


Slave lifestyles.

Before, I was a slave to the system.,,,,,,,