Have a good orgasm without touching. How wonderful!

I have never experienced it and I do not know anyone who without touching has reached climax.

It’s true when I had the third psychotic episode I described sensations like orgasms without touching.

But I remember and could say that they were not as deep as the ones I have now with toys. Nor similar.

The vibrating, sucking toys have been the discovery of the century. They will deserve a Nobel Prize for sexuality.

Clearly, sexuality is not recognised anywhere and honestly, from my point of view it seems to me that it should be recognised, just as Science and Philosophy are and receive awards like the Nobel Peace Prize.

That we are still so archaic, it seems incredible to me with how evolved we are in many other things.

This is where I realise how Switzerland supports sexuality. If you want to do something legal regarding sexuality, it is best to do it with Swiss law, because they accept sexuality. Sex work is accepted and there are also centres where they teach you about sexuality. They have it regulated in their system.

In the United States, for example, it is a crime. How can charging or paying for sex be considered a crime and yet accept guns as normal? You can buy them in large supermarkets. Something that can kill. And to make orgasms, the client or the sex worker may end up a few days locked in a jail cell.

An incomprehensible paradox.

Returning to the other topic.

On some occasion, another person has managed to reach an orgasm without me participating, but there have been very few. Quite the opposite of making me orgasm without the other person touching. I’m usually good at it. I have a lot of experience. Although I don’t always succeed, there are also times when I have to use toys or porn visions. 

Sometimes it is hard, due to different circumstances to achieve orgasm.

I recognise that when I reach an orgasm, I find it difficult without my toys. Of course, with toys and the help of good fingers or a penis, most of the time I arrive without problems and many times very fast.

They say that women need about 20 minutes to reach climax. Lie, if you know yourself well and use your techniques, we are like men. Superfast.

But without touching you either side, it’s a one in a million chance. And it must meet many factors, for that to happen.

There is involuntary orgasm

These orgasms happen without one realising it, in a dream, in a very hot scene. But it is enough that you want to provoke it at that moment that is impossible. It comes when you least realise it. And there are very few times.

Possibly between two bodies that are very inexperienced in orgasms, with love and passion, they could get an involuntary orgasm, but between bodies that are already very experienced in orgasms, without masturbating, toys and so on, it is impossible to reach an orgasm without touching. Don’t believe that you can’t because it’s personal.

Tantra, when it was heard for the first time that was said, sex without touching.

Now that it has been in our lives for years and it seems that many of us have looked for it, after my experiences and the experiences of others, in the end, what is tantric sex? Another urban legend.

Tantric sex, in the end, has become calming sex, in a Zen atmosphere, relaxing music and depends on your experience and your arousal, with an erotic massage you get to feel pleasure, ending in a beautiful orgasm without you touching yourself.

But I can assure you that without touching, we are not trained to reach orgasms.

If maybe they helped us to orgasm when we are babies and to meditate, we would be much better able to do it.

But the human has not been prepared for it.

They want to prepare us already when we are older, but as in many other things, such as sports, if they do not prepare you from a young age, it is much more difficult to acquire 100% skills.

This is outrageous for many people and please I don’t want this to be misunderstood.

The other day it came out in one of the sex conversations we do on Zoom where we speak without prejudice or taboos.

Why not instead of spanking the butt when we are born, they don’t rub us to see if we wake up with pleasure instead of pain.

It is a way of wanting to explain it by taking it to exaggeration. Let no one think badly and get into trouble by thinking it is like a paedophile because this is not meant in that way.

We have to learn sexuality from when we are little.

But of course, not like humans have done it in such a violent way, that they have made it an aberration. I say in a sweet and pleasant way.

Another sexual tantric version, described by some sexuality experts, is a woman’s vaginal and anal orgasm for the first time with a partner.

When there is so little experience in sex and especially at the beginning of sex with your partner, that when someone has had the great luck of having experienced their own orgasm and knows themselves so well, that when you start the novelty of penetration, you are sure to reach an incredible orgasm. That orgasm that they describe again as tantric.

The size of the penis here matters a lot. If it is large, there may be more pain than pleasure. But if it is done slowly, very slowly, letting the vagina expand, I can come to imagine the pleasure that is achieved.

Reaching that stage, we have not been able to reach at all. Especially many women like me, who did not know our first orgasm when they penetrated us. I did not experience this. I learned before to give pleasure to men first then to myself. That is why I believe that now I am as I am in bed. 50% pleasure, outside and inside my work.

Now thanks to all the information that is on the internet, women of all ages who do not know that pleasure can be amazing would only be because she does not want to know and is choosing to be ignorant and closed.

Tantric sex

Tantric sounds fantastic and it is a very good idea to use the word tantric in the explanations, in the advertisements, it gets your attention. Tantric in sex, it is pleasure in sex. How do you get it? Each one learns to know himself.

Or there are people like me that we help to reach orgasms and with sex toys as well. Dildos, vibrators and suckers

Above all thanks to the intelligence of man, the issue of orgasms has been resolved. There are thousands of products to stimulate sexuality, plus many more that can be invented.

Every year we die later in life but we still need more help.  Honestly, toys work more than meditation. Also with toys, the intensity of the orgasm is so intense. I prefer a session with toys, more than a tantric session for achieving pleasure.

With the new technique of the clitoris sucker, « the satisfyer », sex is incredible. I would describe the pleasure as tantric. And it’s just that they penetrate you well and direct the sucker to your clitoris or vibrator. You can have hours of pleasure. You do not get tired, it is a constant pleasure. Sometimes you have to control yourself so as not to come quickly.

They just need to make them soundproof, they are still very noisy.

I leave you a link of the toys that I use in case you want to try them or gift them to someone.



It is clear that men do not learn how to treat women and give pleasure to women. With all these toys that women have now, they will cost them much more to have sex. There will be more homosexuals.