The intermediaries are becoming more and more extravagant and also want the life of the rich by becoming rich. In the end, it is a vicious circle. A catch twenty-two situation.


New lifestyles without thinking so much about money.

From my point of view and from my experience I want to show that there are more things that do not imitate everything that others do. Let all the creativity and passion be taken to occupy the time and not waste it being slaves of the money system.

Let’s stop using that creativity to create more companies and more money and more luxury.

Now with new technologies and platforms, we can be freer and work in a different way. We have internet, computers, mobiles, that help you and make it easy to enjoy your time. It is better to collaborate as a freelancer than to work for a salary.

You have to create new lifestyles, which are not based only on making money and spending. Do not live above your means by borrowing money in advance that you are then obliged to do whatever it takes to pay it back.

Create a more austere life and enjoy the little things more.


Slave lifestyles.

Before, I was a slave to the system. I used my time to work for others and on top of that, I couldn’t afford many things, which are now basic. I had to choose between this or that, the two things could not be.

It also joined with my psychotic breakdowns, which when I achieved stability, I had a breakdown and all those efforts of several years, went up in smoke.

I have stopped giving that great importance to the money that they teach us when we don’t have it. I have had the great luck of being able to stop envying the wealthy. And now I make my own money without having to ask for a job. So my efforts of these almost 10 years as an independent have paid off, they have not gone up in smoke.

I have managed to generate three times the professional minimum wage of the city where I work and I have managed to live relaxed without thinking about money.

And I can assure you that if you dedicate an average of 40 hours a week to something as required in any job, I assure you that you can generate it. There is a lot of money in circulation.

If you like luxury and compulsive spending, « more and more” it’s not going to be enough. But if you organise yourself well and spend what is necessary, do not waste and value money, you can live happier.

If you get into the spiral of high mortgages, children, cars, luxuries, you are going to live to pay.

Slave of others or slave of your own business and work. And really, there are many things in this world that more than your own work.

I think that you should dedicate 33% of your time to the professional part, to being connected to work. There are so many things that this life, this earth, nature offers you, what humans have created. It’s a shame not to discover it because they make you dependent and addicted to work and money.

Many discover it in retirement but some never do.

I had to leave the system that they put me in since I was born to see it. Based on my psychotic breakdowns. I have managed to get out before turning 50.


Blassia, a lifestyle.

I’ve been fortunate to be able to create my own lifestyle. I call it Blassia Lifestyle.

I’ve created it based on perseverance, discipline, being consistent and getting out of my comfort zone several times.

I have lived 47 very intense years and I can say that they have been incredible. I hope that the following ones continue to be just as incredible.

I’ve had bad stages, it has not been all rosy. But the bad has taught me to value the good.

I am a person who has always been positive, optimistic, and above all sincere and natural. Nothing mysterious.

I live happy and content. I do not want to say that I am the happiest woman in the world, but it is enough for me with the balance that I have reached.

I have not needed to get married or have children to feel fulfilled.

I have achieved a life of freedom, comfort, relaxation and a life people envy. Running my own life, my own time. Being free.

I do not like to make people envious but rather to encourage others to have healthy envy and that serves as motivation, that the person who is reading this may think, I could do that too.

Now one can ask the question. Do I have to become a sex worker to be like Cristina?

Not at all!. There are many options and that’s where you are, to discover what your passion is.

It’s true that the sexuality option is many things. The companionship, the liberal clubs, the swinger world, workshops, sex education, orgasms, etc.

The sexuality sector needs to professionalize and expand much more.

The world needs more sex professionals such as sexologists, sex coaches, Escorts, sex workers, sex educators, orgasm entertainers.

I offer myself as an Escort Sex Coach to train you if you are interested in working, dedicating your time and making money with sexuality.

There are more options, if this does not convince you, I understand perfectly. But the other options are already explained by others. I explain the one I know. Sexuality.

If you want to be part of the sexuality community, here is a link for you to sign up.

Let’s take sexuality out of the closet and stop it from being a secret and give more importance to good orgasms than to material things.