As some of you already know, I am creating a Community of Sexuality, with the motto: For sexual education.

Many times I have written about the lack of information that there is about sexuality and that there is a lack of people that can teach us about sexuality.

Well, here I am to teach it, not only with words but also with practice, which is lacking. Especially in the female world.

At the moment I contribute what I can. I am available to anyone who wants to talk about sex. I do a group meeting every month and I have also started to do individual meetings.

One of my goals is to teach those that are living and those that still are to be born into this world.

The idea of ​​the Sexuality community is to show sexuality in a real and natural way to everyone.

We must start from the time we are children to become familiar with sexuality. They give us toy guns or cooking pots, so they should give us sex toys for children.

We are giving more importance to eating, schedules, material things and we forget about our own pleasure through orgasms, which life has freely given us in our inner body.


But I have detected the amount of sexual abuse of minors.


Since I have discovered sexuality, thousands of ideas have come to my head about how to promote good sex education, but what I have observed is that many people get upset with me about how I talk about the sexuality. How can I talk about sex like that, being for many people really suffering?

I have discovered that there are many, many sexual dramas, more than we think and they are the cause of the trauma in the future.

Many diseases or sexual blocks are due to child abuse.

Since my training as a coach I see, follow and read many coaches and examples from their clients.

And what I have detected is that there is a lot of sexual abuse, of babies and children over the years. That even the mother herself knows it but does not say anything, she allows it for fear of her husband’s reprisals.

Many cases are heard from men to girls but I am sure that there are also many from women to children that adult men keep quiet about.

It seems incredible to me how humans can act like this, that we are supposed to be an intelligent race.

What about humanity? Who does not know how to control their sexual appetites and take advantage of the weakest and most vulnerable, which are children! It is incomprehensible but true.

Then diseases such as vaginismus appear. But how can it not exist! If a vagina that is not formed, you are already forcibly inserting a penis!

We have to start identifying abuses as soon as possible.


How can they be detected?


When you talk to these people who have been abused by their father, grandfather or grandmother, an uncle or someone close to them, most of them say the same thing, that they threatened them if they said something and they terrified them.

In childhood we are so vulnerable, that imagine the boy or girl, they shut up in fear and do not open their mouth.

To make these children talk and not be quiet, we need to guide them and I think a good way is to convey it with a story or a fable.

We need a story for children that teaches how to prevent these abuses.

When they tell you the story of Little Red Riding Hood not to trust strangers, the same would be a story that helps children detect when they have sexual abuse.


Does anyone dare to write a story like this?


Although I write these paragraphs that I write, of course, I am not a writer. I would like to find people who would be encouraged to make a cartoon story about sexuality and sexual abuse.

If you feel that you can identify then you can write a story like this. You could be of great help in the future to avoid sexual abuse.

We need a person who can tell such a story and a person who can illustrate it.

The story can then be taken through schools or children’s theatres and interpreted with puppets, for example.

Begin to talk about sexuality in an educational way since we are children so that they begin to have contact with sexuality and in the future avoid sexual disorders and traumas, including many other things.

We have to start with children, who are the future. The elderly too, but children are much easier to educate to prevent.

I have theories about pleasure when we are little that for morality I cannot write openly and publicly, even in some countries that would be a motive in jail for such thoughts. So for not breaking the law, I am not writing some realities that are seen as barbarities.

But time to time….


Do you dare to be part of the sexual community?


If you dare to be part of it, here is a link for you to sign up. You only have to participate when you can. A little bit of all is a lot. Because by myself, it’s impossible.