Nobody informs us about sexuality and we only have porn references and little else, then vaginismus and premature ejaculation appear and we have no knowledge about this.

Women don’t enjoy penetration and men cum fast, and that is totally due to great misinformation about sexuality.

Premature ejaculation.

Premature ejaculation, I think that at some point it can happen to almost anyone. When we know our orgasm well, we create the bad habit of arriving quickly.

But real “premature ejaculators”, there really are very few.

Many men arrive saying that they have premature ejaculation. The thing is, they haven’t even once tried to hold back. Women can make a man ejaculate fast. They put it on and have it easy. With an erect penis and a person that turns you on, it’s easy to reach climax. They have also known how to teach it to women. And more so the sex professionals.

A sex worker wants you to come quick and go. So if you are one of those who masturbate to porn and go to sexual services, it is easy that many times you come quickly. But you do not have premature ejaculation. Or if you fuck every two weeks, you are also very likely to be fast. In those cases, I am too.

Even other times the opposite happens, that another day you want to cum fast and yet you can’t.

Not all days are the same.

 One thing that I have changed in my sexuality is not to make the man come fast, on the contrary, to hold him back, stop him and enjoy that sensitivity that there is before he comes. Because cumming and thinking about the second is not the same anymore.

In the past, you were good in bed if you made the men come fast. They taught you that themselves.

Now, as my rate is high, they want to make good use of the time, and they worry if they come fast, if they can ejaculate several times. But the best thing, in my opinion, is to hold on and control that excitement and prolong the pleasure of the first orgasm.

Men can also make a woman come fast but we have not taught them and few have learned on their own. But I am sure, that there are not so many women who go with that obsession, that I am going to come fast, can I have a second? That said from the point of view of a woman, sounds absurd ?. Well, it’s the same.

And the vaginismus of women?

It appears that it’s not explained well how a vagina is deflowered. There is no information whatsoever.

To avoid vaginismus, everyone should have been informed and prepared to know what to do when you are going to have sex for the first time.

I would tell it this way.

Having already gone through the preliminaries, kisses, caresses and others, you begin by stimulating the outer clitoris, for example with your tongue. The same you would do to a penis when it is not erect. You are stimulated to get excited.

Well, the same is true for women, the outer clitoris is stimulated so that she begins to get excited and begins to lubricate and everything starts to expand.

When the woman starts to get wet, that’s when she starts to get turned on.

One piece of advice, if you have the technique of continuing to touch the outer clitoris and at the same time insert your finger into the vagina gently, in most cases the arousal is greater.

Once both of them, that’s right, are both excited then the penetration can begin. Very slowly, inserting the penis very little by little. Let it feel that it opens and enters without problems, that it slides, not forcing it to enter.

I advise a woman to continue stimulating her outer clitoris while the man is penetrating her.

I’m sure that if it is done like this, the woman will have her first vaginal orgasm and she will want to repeat it.

I remember with my first boyfriend, which was to try to put his penis inside me and I endured the pain until he came and then it was all over.

Are men and women different?

That men and women are different in sex, not at all. We are exactly the same, but with a different anatomical shape.

Where we are different is in sex education. They put so many taboos on women and ask that they come to marriage as a virgin. While the men deflower with prostitutes and fuck as much as they can. I don’t know how to criticise them, on the contrary, they are encouraged.

So the world thinks we are different.

The sexual education of women, emotional and psychological, is unfair and then men suffer because they fall in love with women who do not know their sexuality and sexual relations are not as good as they should be.

It’s a shame how hidden sex and pleasure are in those relationships.

There are cultures that have even gone so far as to cut off the clitoris of women. How savage! And well, it is still going on.

How is it that the woman cannot have pleasure? But from what crazy head does that tradition come from? Our ancestors who have lived for this “clitoral massacre” to take place. Why don’t they cut off their penises?

Why is it that men win and battle against women and have all the pleasure yet women only have to bear children? I wonder where these traditions and beliefs come from?

Men need to procreate, yes?.  Or if he has an orgasm when he passes his sperm but for the woman it is not necessary. Why is the human body like this? I wonder.

It seems so unfair to me.

As it also seems unfair and controlling in women who is born in a family of religious beliefs and customs.

The virgin woman to marriage.

I don’t see it making sense. It is important for me to know how my sexual relationship with a person is going to be before marrying them. Not only before getting married but also during the dating relationship. If the sexual relationship is not good, then why continue with that person? Sex is not the most important thing, but it is important in relationships. Especially good sex.

I hope, now with globalisation and the internet, everything is faster, the rights of men and women are equalised worldwide.

Every woman deserves the respect of being able to decide to be promiscuous without being judged, mistreated and even rejected.

I give thanks to the life of having been born where and at the time where I was born. A society where women have equal conditions with men. I could say it in quotes, but in the face of the law, it is so.

And I’m sure that being born in the seventies, just at a time when religion was almost mandatory in my country, caused me to be anorgasmic. But I was not anorgasmic, it was that they had not told me how to touch the clitoris. And my partners had no idea either.

Although I can say that I have recovered them in the following years, to get the pleasure that I feel right now, I have needed to do a lot of sex. How nice that I became a sex worker.

Imagine the many people who still do not know how to enjoy the wonder of orgasm that nature has endowed us with.

Now with the internet and with professionals like me and many more, who does not experience a good moment of arousal and orgasm? Some don’t because they do not want to learn and because there is already a lot of information about in general.

Thanks, internet!

Now my job is to teach these women and men to let themselves be carried away by their instincts and not conform to what your culture teaches you and what is represented to you on the screens.

To teach you how your body works and that of others.

Then a healthy and enriching sex life will begin.

Out with sexual taboos and normalise sexuality.

If you want to talk about sex without taboos, I invite you to join our community of sexuality.

We meet once a month on zoom and we all talk about sexuality with the naturalness it deserves. Without prejudices or taboos. There are no judgements.

Don’t be shy and take your sexuality out of the closet!