I can say it is happy and sad.

Happy for many things and sad for only one.

Sad because my partner does not stop pushing me to leave everything related to sex and nudism.

Please, I need help! Can someone tell him how foolish he is that he can even ask me that!

I have been in the sex worker profession for 10 years and now that I am professionalizing in sex, creating a naturist sexual community and that I am a nudist wherever I go, he wants me to change that part of my life that I love and that allows me to evolve.

And the best part…
He wants me to leave everything for love in the best moment of my professional life!

How can you ask a person to leave their professional career out of love? That I leave everything related to sex, naturism and all the fantasies that I have in my head. This is how my mother and he see it. Without understanding or appreciating the importance it has for me and also my profession that is also transforming.

It’s like telling a lawyer to quit their job after 10 years or a waitress who really loves her job. I would be foolish.

I am 48 years old and I have a lot to work on. I am not one of those who are accommodated to living my whole life as a couple. It may be that the partner uses me or that I use the partner financially for a while, but to stop doing these things and not use someone else’s

money. I doubt that I will get that streak and less so at this point in life.

I have been in several relationships where they have maintained me or I have maintained them or there was equality and what I have learned, that I do not want to be maintained, nor do I want to maintain.

You have to be careful if they take good care of you with money because you can get used to it quickly. But the truth is that with my experience, I won’t allow myself to accommodate this. Because love is bread for today and hunger for tomorrow. Today you are with that person on and tomorrow not. So, start over. And to start again, living in the city and in love, I don’t care, but to start again in earning a living, to pay for my lifestyle, I don’t see myself starting from scratch.’

No matter how little or long the relationship lasts, thinking that, it does not last a lifetime. I don’t see myself at 50 years or 60 years old starting over. And at that age, to start over, you don’t have the same desire, or energy, or patience for work, nor does your body, inside and out.

I started in sex by chance. Well, the causality, is it’s going to be that either you end up in a simple job with a salary that does not last until the end of the month, you control your spending a little or you end up supported by a partner or with small aid from the State.

If I had not been fired from the insurance company, where I was for almost 5 years, I would have continued working there and most likely would have continued there until I retired.

My psychotic breakdowns and destiny took me out of this reality and into the reality of a sex worker.

I had studied marketing and had worked as a salesperson for many years.
Everything I learned and all the experience I used in a personal capacity and that began not as a job but it turns out that it is totally a job and it turns out that these jobs professionalized me and what has further professionalized me is sex.

So, since I no longer have anyone to say the answer to where I started or that my situation depends on someone else, it turns out that I have been able to continue a professional career.

It has been 10 years! Incredible! And how much more of a competent person I am in many aspects. Life has taught me and, in the end, I have made a professional of myself and discovered the importance of sex and how little it is taken into account. I have made it my way of life and it is already part of my life.

People who want to be with me, just out of respect and because of how well they see me and how well they think I’m doing, have to respect that I continue to do so. They cannot change the shame of what family, friends and others will say. So to get to the point, my partner, will I have to leave him?

Please, I write this, so that you can help me and give me your opinion and points of view. Maybe I’m the one who’s confused but I don’t see it.
Please give me your honest opinion, as if you were in the same situation yourself.

Would you leave your profession for love? Would you marry a sex worker or sex worker?

Do you think that being a sex worker is not a normal, clean job?

I hope that with the new generation and the ones that follow, it begins to normalise. And looking at myself as an example, I hope it can be achieved.

Please, if you think that we should take this profession out of the closet and include it in the labour system and not marginalise or prejudge it, please share this post and let it be known that being a sex worker is not shameful and that even I do it in a very honoured and delightful way to teach people to become professional sex workers and make sexuality feel like paradise.

Let’s not be so foolish looking for paradise after death, let’s make paradise in this life. That good sex is paradise.

Don’t worry if your partner has sex with clients, it’s normal. You have to see it for what it is, something normal.

Human wake up!

I’ll be waiting for your answers. Leave them in the comments. Let’s see if they help me and my partner in our relationship.

We have such a beautiful relationship that it does not seem fair to me that my profession should end this and possibly future ones.