For about two months, I have had an ad on a Spanish site in Madrid as a Sex Coach and the truth is that I have quite a few calls of all kinds related to sex, but the funny thing is that only men call. Not a single call from a woman.

Men generally have a much better sex life than women. They find their orgasm sooner. As I have said other times, it may be that by having their penis erect, they have that clue that they quickly discover orgasm and give themselves pleasure.

In addition, men are very naturalised to pay for sex versus women are not used to.

In general, men have vastly more sex than women. Taking away those of us who are dedicated to the profession of sex, which in the end we do what many men do, have a lot of sex. Only they are paying and we are charging. (A way to balance the economy by gender).

Paid sex has been kept hidden from us, and on top of that, men have taken it upon themselves to give the profession a bad image and it makes us seem that we are doing something wrong and they want to shame us for doing it. They were the ones who created this profession, if there was no demand, there would be no supply.

How women have been brought up, it is obscene and it is thought that you are a slut if you enjoy sex. How they educate us in an environment that makes us feel ashamed for enjoying sex because they have kept us frigid. In addition, the sex professionals, as I have said thousands of times, do not say it openly, because paid sex is hidden, for years, centuries, from the point of view of a woman.

They have managed to keep women from changing their minds and not investing their money in their sex life. And so we believe that men are essential in our lives.

Women have to get used to the fact that to learn about sex and have the sex you have to pay. So they continue as before (because I do not include myself) and they will continue faking orgasms and cancelling their sex life until they reach completely zero.

If they had told me as a teenager, I am sure that now I would consume sex in the same way that men do, paying. Like right now I include a massage session. It is so pleasant that I pay what they ask of me.

Here I want to say, women, start investing in your sex life! I think that pleasure that you feel is much more beneficial than many other things, such as jewellery, full closets and expensive bags.

Having orgasms is one of the best pleasures in life. And there are different ways to have orgasms.

I know how to do it in many ways, regardless of whether you are lesbian, straight, or bisexual. You are not going to fall in love, you are going to have an orgasm.

And who says, if we were educated bisexual from a young age, you would have the capability to enjoy all types of genders. It is a shame and I say it from my point of view, that I am bisexual. I have many more choices with more people.


Changing the subject but going back to the calls I get.


The subject of anal sex comes up a lot and more like how do I do it to a woman. It is not asked, how do I receive good anal sex.

I go back to talk about anal and explain it.

Anal is delicious if you know how to do it and straight men do not know how to do it and women do not dare. In the end, you are not experiencing that great pleasure that anal gives, both to women and men.

Of course, if you intend without preparing it, without lubrication, insert it whole and start fucking hard, then you have no idea of ​​doing anal. Then do not ask or demand it.

I am quite outraged whoever asks you for anal and does not know how to do it and pretends to do it as if it were a used vagina. Learn to do it or else you will have to leave it to the other person who decides if they want to do it or not.

Many others ask for it for the sole reason of dominating you, regardless of whether you like it or not.

I’m sure I will because I’ve already gotten the hang of it and I really enjoy it, regardless of the size. But I’ve been slow to enjoy it again.

Before working in the profession I began to enjoy it a lot, but I almost hated it because the clients, how they paid you separately for it and since they have paid for it and asked for it, you have to do it without knowing how to do it. You have to hold on even if they are making you the worst anal in the world.

Until I decided not to charge for it separately and now I do if I want to. If a person knows how to prepare, I am delighted to do so. But you have not prepared me, sorry, but it depends on the day whether it will or will not be done.

The anal truth also has its days.

I still have to put up with many times, getting their finger up my ass without saliva or lube. Sorry to put it so bluntly, but I still don’t understand that lube isn’t in the sex kit. And if there is no lubricant, the wonderful saliva.

Men, anal, his thing is to prepare it before. How? Very easy, eat it, salivate it and open it. They behave like animals, they want to get it in, without any kind of stimulation.

I learned how to do it and enjoy it and I always enjoy it, but because I have learned. If it were up to them, I would hate it as most women do.

At first, until it takes its shape, it hurts, but little by little it begins to expand and the world of anal pleasure begins. Like the vagina. At first, it hurts most of us and men know this and does it carefully.

It also depends a lot on the size of the penis. Small penises are great to start with. The very large ones are scary.

And how to receive it?

With so many talks with my gay friends and with my profession I have learned a lot about sex and men and what I have learned, that when they try it most of them love it. That is why there are more and more gay and bisexual people.

Super important, start with someone who knows.

Many men return to me because I have sodomised them and they have loved it. Why? Because I do it the way I like it to be done to me. Slowly, smoothly and lubricated.

Of course, I have to stimulate my clitoris at the same time. Forever! And most men also have to stimulate their penis. That already goes into the sensitivity of each person.

But men, the best way to learn to do anal is to learn how to receive it. This is when you will know what the other person feels because you have felt it for yourself.

When I do anal to men, they want you to do it to them, generally slow and gentle. Why then when they do it, it’s fast and strong? Well, women have the same feeling.

Know your anal to do a good anal.

Know that it is the same or even more pleasant to receive it than to do it.

Stop thinking about how it is done in the movies because we don’t know if they enjoying themselves.

Stop thinking that it is only for gays and fagots.

Stop head fucking and fuck more with all five senses.

Next time, I’ll talk about size, whether it matters or not. Another thing that men are very concerned about.