Independent Escort in Leganés Madrid

I was one week in Berlin, a country where prostitution is legal. The same day that I arrived, I registered. After working in Switzerland, in a legal site, I learned that it is best to register, whenever possible. Anything happens to you, that happens to me !! and you’re more protected. And if it’s legal, it’s great. I do not know if I would repeat Berlin again, but just because it’s legal, it could be a reason. Although the truth, it is as poor as Spain. I went to Málaga to get to Malagón, so I stayed in Málaga, Madrid, which is warmer, more fun and I have my family and friends.

In Berlin, it is very difficult to work as an Escort independent. I caught on the internet, impossible. I do not know what the method will be, but I did not find it the first time.

But on the contrary, client looking for Escort,  there are many webs and many girls. It`s too easy.

Advice for Escort, I can not be very helpful. But advice for client, it works like in Spain. You get on the internet, and there are thousands. I think the most are agencies. But if you want to fuck in Berlin, you will not have a problem. The rate is around 100 to 200 € 1h. And as always, we are more from another countries, than from the locals. Although here, in Madrid, I am local.

I will be this week in Leganés and around May 15, about five days in Palma de Majorca. In case someone wants to take advantage of and enjoy a pleasant company / service. I will have a car to move. But not an apartment to attend.

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