Hello friend, member.

I have very little time left to be in Spain, so I’m going to take the opportunity to have another meeting in person.

The reunion will be at Skin (Strong), the most liberal room in Madrid open only on Sundays to all genres.

It will be on Sunday, April 31. Doors open at 11 pm, so we’ll meet earlier, somewhere in the area (Gran Via) around 9 pm.
You can buy tickets through this link, I have already done it.


When you buy the ticket, please read the room instructions. Are important.

In addition, this Sunday the following Monday is a holiday for Labor Day.
For those of you who live in Madrid almost all of you leave since Tuesday is also a holiday in the Community of Madrid, but for those who stay or are from outside Madrid, it may be a good plan for that long weekend.

It is organized on a Sunday because the rest of the week only penises are allowed. We cannot enter the vaginas. And there isn’t another place like this in Madrid, at least I don’t know it.
We want to get sexuality out of the closet, so what better than living it live and in person? This place is a good example of it. That is the meaning of this community.

If you dare to come sign up for the event.


You can write to my WhatsApp in case you need more information.