The permanent naturist room is a new community project.

It’s the permanent room that will be active 24 hours, only for members (Fee € 33).

With your member username and password, you will be able to see the link and password and thus connect whenever you want.

When someone connects I’ll receive an email and if I’m available at that time, I´ll connect. But we all know that it is impossible that it can always be available.

The idea is that it’s not necessary for me to be here so that the room has an atmosphere 24 hours a day.

My commitment is to make an active room. I pledge. I wish that you too could commit yourself as a member of the community.

Very important, it’s mandatory to be naked in the room.

The topics to be discussed are open, as long as they respect the norms of the community. The idea and the trend is that they are related to sex, but you can talk about what you want, the important thing is that you feel comfortable being naked.

They are excluded, we know, any sexist and racist comments, would automatically expel you from the meeting and from the community.