I am surprised how the man fuck very bad. The matures and the young.  Even They don’t want to learn it. And they think  as they pay for the sex It’s just the pleasure for them. This is, like the one who works for a company. Because your boss pays you . You will not be at your will.

In prostitution many people are confused. It is not a profession that because you pay me, the service is based on only the enjoyment of the one who pays. I work in this, because I like to enjoy sex apart from what we all do, work for money.
There are two options, working as a prostitute and making deaf ears and doing “Si Guana, si Wana” and faking orgasm !!! or work as a prostitute and learn to enjoy with all kinds of men and try to get like them to orgasm. And above all enjoy the two. What better choice and what better fortune to work on what you enjoy.
I also apply it to me.
Gentlemen, not because you are on the side of what you pay, you can fuck like that. Fuck like animals without you feeling anything at all, in reverse, you are suffering and you are wishing to end.
In France I have a lot of clients from all races of the world. And there is a lot of Muslim. And most of the Musumans and many Catholics also see sexuality as something very intimate, personal and discreet. They do not treat it naturally. The system, the culture (the grandparents, grandmothers, parents, brothers) from childhood they teach them some principles, prejudices and morality that remain impregnated in their minds. And always for him: “What a shame they will say …”.
For them, as a woman is a virgin until marriage, we qualify prostitutes, for free sex, as something super shameful and not moral. And they do not offer the treatment and education that they should give.
I am a prostitute and that is not why I can be treated as an object. You hire a service that the product is a person, with their ideas, thoughts and feelings. You have to bother a little in knowing more about the person and see that behind a profession there is a woman.
Since childhood, whatever your condition, they teach you to respect and treat women well. Well, not only are women who do not practice sex openly treated, all women who fuck freely are treated well.
I am very happy to have been born, where I was born. And in the moment that has happened. Madrid, emerging from a dictatorship. That if, after leaving a dictatorship, take 27 years to achieve my first clitoral orgasm.
I’m a nudist, I’m promiscuous. Well, these terms, surprise a lot of people still. And if everyone knew how rewarding it is !!!! We are very confused not to teach it to children. The sooner you see it, the sooner it looks normal. And so it is normal.
From here, I ask men to stop fucking like prehistorics and learn more about sex. And to women to know how to divide with sex and stop cheating men with feigned orgasm.
Anyone who wants to learn about sex and everything that surrounds him, I offer to teach and speak aloud and answer all the questions you have, from my own experience. I tell both men and women. And I also offer myself to new experiences and learn more about it.
Since it’s my profession we’re going to make the most of it. Everyone becomes professional in their sector.