We want what we don’t have and we get tired of what we have.

Does your partner’s sexual desire disappear? Why don’t I have the same libido?

World, we need to know a lot more about sex.

We don’t get anything out of it and then the libido starts to drop sooner.

We need to know more about sexuality to maintain that much-desired libido.

And That Means? Training schools and sex are urgently needed. Schools where they don’t tell you but rather teach you with practice as they teach you gymnastics and cooking.

Do you participate in discussions about this topic and other topics that arise, always related to sexuality and nudism?

Participate in the next zoom.

If you belong to this group it is because you have been interested in being part of the community and the best way to help is by participating in these meetings from time to time. A way to help get sexuality out of the closet. By myself is impossible!

Thursday, December 1 at 8:00 p.m.


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