Whoever still thinks that sex and orgasms are old, from my humble opinion lives in great ignorance.

I don’t know why sexual experience and wisdom are still not valued in sex. You keep fucking with your eyes and not with your five senses.

If I have to base myself on the ages and physiques of my clients, to have good sex, then with 90%  of them I would not even reach orgasm.

But since I don’t care about physique and age, I can enjoy good sex, with an old or young man, with a fat man or a skinny man, with a bald man or a hairy man, with an ugly man or a handsome man. If you make me enjoy it, everyone is welcome.

But who cares about physique and age, the important thing is pleasure and knowing how to enjoy yourself.


I don’t know why wrinkles and age are questioned so much.





The worst thing is that many believe, that because they are older they are not part of this society.


I have seen in all this time that I have been in the profession that there are too many labels and superficialities in sex.

Between the bad sexual education they give us, the porn movies and fantasizing about having sex with models or because I pay for sex doesn’t change it. It’s still rubbish, especially in the heterosexual world, where men and women don’t know each other sexually.

If you close your eyes and don’t know who’s touching you, you’d be surprised how more important it is for someone who touches you well and gives you a good orgasm, than a physique or an age.

This goes for those who call me and disrespect me with their words wanting to make me feel bad

Luckily I am a self-confident person and I know really well that I have my feet on the ground. But please, if you are reading this and you are one of those who undervalue and underestimate people before meeting them because of their age, let me tell you that this is called self-centeredness with a touch of superficiality because you are believing more than the other person just because of age.

I would have liked to have found myself at 18 years old, a person who taught me what it took me to learn for many, many years.

What a superficial society we have created. You get older and it seems that the sexual world is no longer for you, it is only for the handsome and up to 40 years old.

The opposite happens to me, that people seem more and more interesting to me. The wrinkles, the bellies and all those people who make me enjoy sex regardless of age, race and physique.

There are professions in which society sets standards. You can believe it or not and enter the game.

When I was a flight attendant I heard some times: ” What are you going to be when you grow up?” Now time shows that it is a profession that you can continue well into your years and even retire from it.

The curious thing is that in many other professions the older, more wrinkled you are and the more experience you have, the more credible and more respect people have for you.

Why is it not like that in sex?



I would do sex for free, but I have decided to make it my livelihood and I refuse to give my time and energy working for a company for a salary.


About my price, do not try to negotiate it and underestimate me and criticize me and even use my age to argue with me. My price is fair depending on the country and city that I am in.

If you are used to paying less and being with other escorts at a standard price, do not try to pay them all the same, because we are not all the same and we do not all work the same.

If you come from another city, country, or continent with other rates, do not expect to pay what you pay in your city. Each city has its prices.

I know the price I have and I know that I am fair for what I offer and I know what is offered, which in many other cases is often unbalanced.

My rate is expensive for the poor and cheap for the rich.


There are many people in this world who very easily lose respect for others. I’m sure it’s because not all of us have been lucky enough to receive the same education and the same opportunities. It’s also because they don’t know how to put themselves in the other person’s shoes. And if they know how to put themselves on the other side, then their perspective is still very distorted.