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Sexual abuse of minors

As some of you already know, I am creating a Community of Sexuality, with the motto: For sexual education. Many times I have written about the lack of information that there is about sexuality and that there is a lack of people that can teach us about sexuality. Well, here I am to teach it, not only with words but also with practice, which is lacking. Especially in the female world. At the moment I contribute what I can. I am available to anyone who wants to talk about sex. I do a group meeting every month and I...

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The best and the worst in Los Angeles

The best thing was my orgasm on the last day, with the squirting waters from the Rooftop jacuzzi (lol), also the sunsets on the beaches of California and my CrossFit classes. The worst was the person I shared my apartment with for a week, who left without paying! As many of you already know, I spent almost a month in LA. I had the trip scheduled well in advance so I knew I had time to leave and arrive more relaxed. I rented an apartment via and it honestly was right for me. Well located, good quality and...

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Consequences of bad prostitution.

Night sex brings consequences. Sex at night! Customers do not realize how much they promote drug trafficking and girl trafficking. Honestly, it is not very positive. I know that many girls work the night because they want to make money. The truth is, I don’t see how it is healthy. In the long run, it creates distortions in sleep, alcoholism and drug addiction. In my case, it doesn’t work for me. And more so with my psychotic breakdowns. In regard to a breakdown, I would have one again, for sure!  I would not mind, the last time was so...

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My new Website

After almost 7 years in the profession of Escort, it is more than clear that it is the profession and the job that I liked the most and I really like it. Even more than being a flight attendant. I am so happy, the outbreaks that have given me, because they are the ones that I have taken me to where I am now. Escort company woman, Escort. And finally I made my own website and I will start to dispense with all the tools, from the social networks, that veto my style and profession. Nudism and prostitution. Throughout all these...

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Case Study: 10 Lessons from a Successful Startup.

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