My first trip to Tunisia and I think it will not be the last.

My partner is from Tunisia and he left his city 10 years ago and went directly to Paris. He hasn’t had the opportunity to return there at this time. We met a year ago and last year we were talking about this summer, which at that time was in the future. We spoke about taking a trip to his country together and a trip to the mine.  I had never been to Tunisia and I was very curious. And going with a local is a different type of trip than going on your own. We planned for Madrid and...

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What is it about my life?

  I can say it is happy and sad. Happy for many things and sad for only one. Sad because my partner does not stop pushing me to leave everything related to sex and nudism. Please, I need help! Can someone tell him how foolish he is that he can even ask me that! I have been in the sex worker profession for 10 years and now that I am professionalizing in sex, creating a naturist sexual community and that I am a nudist wherever I go, he wants me to change that part of my life that I...

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Vaginismus. Premature ejaculation.

Nobody informs us about sexuality and we only have porn references and little else, then vaginismus and premature ejaculation appear and we have no knowledge about this. Women don’t enjoy penetration and men cum fast, and that is totally due to great misinformation about sexuality. Premature ejaculation. Premature ejaculation, I think that at some point it can happen to almost anyone. When we know our orgasm well, we create the bad habit of arriving quickly. But real “premature ejaculators”, there really are very few. Many men arrive saying that they have premature ejaculation. The thing is, they haven’t even...

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The rich and money. Psychotic breakdowns. Blassia lifestyle. Second part.

The intermediaries are becoming more and more extravagant and also want the life of the rich by becoming rich. In the end, it is a vicious circle. A catch twenty-two situation.   New lifestyles without thinking so much about money. From my point of view and from my experience I want to show that there are more things that do not imitate everything that others do. Let all the creativity and passion be taken to occupy the time and not waste it being slaves of the money system. Let’s stop using that creativity to create more companies and more...

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The rich and money. Psychotic breakdowns. Blassia lifestyle. First part.

I grew up with the idea that being rich was the best life. I thought that being rich and having money was the best. I thought about money too much. Sometimes it created frustration for me. You think of rich people and money with envy and I imagine that like me, many people think like that. We are educated in a culture where money is the main value. This is how I perceived it where I grew up, on the outskirts of Madrid. We saw the money of the privileged and envied it. I envied the lives of the...

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Tantric sex. Is it a myth? And  Sex toys do they work. 

Have a good orgasm without touching. How wonderful! I have never experienced it and I do not know anyone who without touching has reached climax. It’s true when I had the third psychotic episode I described sensations like orgasms without touching. But I remember and could say that they were not as deep as the ones I have now with toys. Nor similar. The vibrating, sucking toys have been the discovery of the century. They will deserve a Nobel Prize for sexuality. Clearly, sexuality is not recognised anywhere and honestly, from my point of view it seems to me...

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The economic crises. Political systems.

From my point of view, an economic crisis is good. It moves the course of money and people’s professions. They take you out of your comfort zone. Different sectors suffer, while others benefit. Change a little the moment of each one, the way the money flows. In addition, governments and organisations make more money for aid and this goes into circulation. This time it has been the turn of several sectors, but the most affected is leisure, tourism and restaurants. Especially tonight businesses and restaurants. But the truth is that I am not sorry, because those who have known...

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Does size matter?

The great pressure on men. Maybe for those of you who believe in a God who watches over you and observes you, depending on how you behave in other lives, this is the size for this life. Hehehe! Let’s leave jokes aside. Size is given so much importance in sexuality, that for some it becomes a problem. They lose their own self-esteem just because of the size of their penis. I observe that the orgasm is the same, larger or smaller. It shouldn’t be a problem. Now men have started using surgical techniques to keep their penis erect. It...

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Let’s talk about paid sex for women. And also anal.

For about two months, I have had an ad on a Spanish site in Madrid as a Sex Coach and the truth is that I have quite a few calls of all kinds related to sex, but the funny thing is that only men call. Not a single call from a woman. Men generally have a much better sex life than women. They find their orgasm sooner. As I have said other times, it may be that by having their penis erect, they have that clue that they quickly discover orgasm and give themselves pleasure. In addition, men are...

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Sexual abuse of minors

As some of you already know, I am creating a Community of Sexuality, with the motto: For sexual education. Many times I have written about the lack of information that there is about sexuality and that there is a lack of people that can teach us about sexuality. Well, here I am to teach it, not only with words but also with practice, which is lacking. Especially in the female world. At the moment I contribute what I can. I am available to anyone who wants to talk about sex. I do a group meeting every month and I...

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