Travel hooks! And more with sex!

London took away my smile but Los Angeles recovered it. Yes, the cold winter of Paris, has left me cold! In three days  I’ve got a  cold. I’m unable to work.

I did not want to go to Los Angeles. I had bought a ticket for going to see a suppose friend, but he screwed it up when he saw that he was going to introduce me in his comfort zone and made excuses. I decided also to go. I have to be clear that I am a prostitute and that is how people who do not know me and see me. And I do not know why, but prostitutes are not accepted in this society. I peel it, I’m accepted by myself and who likes it ok and those who do not, I don’t care. I’m interested in people who like me. That is the truth, there is not much. Although there are more. You can see that there is a lot of hypocrisy and little evolution and above all lack of information and details. Mine is an example to see that charging for sex is the most normal thing in the world.

Now I do not regret anything to go to Los Angeles. Thanks to the thread I wrote a long time ago in the Geishas forum, which many girls write to me and my “experience” in Miami two years ago (who reads me from a long time ago), it was to arrive to Los Angeles and start working from the first day and also with the rate that I like. It has made it so comfortable, easy and pleasant, that I am sure that I will return next year. And that wonderful weather !!!!


We value sex for everything.

London was fatal, in a week I did not make a single client, it seemed expensive. If the rates seemed low in Brighton and in London, they have seemed shameful to me. I will work for that price, not even for a price, for sites. London makes it difficult, I have tried it 6 times and the only way to work in London with customers who pay my rate now is for an agency or for specific websites. In an agency I do not like to work apart from being rejected for their reasons, I do not know, they do not tell you. And the websites have not accepted my profile either. I do not know why either. I do not understand anything about London, there is a cat that does not know what it is but the truth is that I do not care. Even London is so gray . I do not lose anything. So London is discarded at the moment and the destination that I include now in my route of English speaking countries is USA. I have a visa for 10 years, which I will take advantage of.

Just as we value sex in our personal lives, we will also value it in the payment. Paying for sex and receiving money for sex has become a weekly market product rather than a whim product. I have seen how the service of something quick and economic has spread. That I hate so much! In the pages where I announce myself in Los Angeles, you also attracted that client, come and go. I already told you, if you just come to enjoy yourself and that is only what you want to do, I prefer please, do not come back. I attract the client that I want, that is what motivates me.

Escort – Prostitute

I already know that a prostitute is different from an Escort. The Escort we give a very different service from a prostitute. Who knows me this last year knows what I say. I used to be a prostitute, I was sold as a product in the market fighting in price and giving fast services. Now I’m getting the price that I value and that I would pay for me. And I give the service that I would like to receive. I’ve been in this world for many years, exactly 45, and I know the value of my service.

Most girls learn that shitty sex, which is what they teach you. Attend as quickly as possible to the client and the maximum number possible. I do not, I am already one or two clients a day, but enjoying myself. My service will make you feel comfortable, enjoyable and have a good time to remember and repeat it another time in your life. And every day I get more. The customers come back and that’s for something!

It is not the nationality they are the people. Yes the cultur.

They asked me on Instagram to compare sex by nationalities and countries. But sex could not differentiate it by nationalities, it would be more for people. There are people who know how to enjoy a good sex and enjoy and others who do not know or want to learn. Everything depends as one has learned. It shows the ones we’ve learned with couples and it shows those who fuck only with prostitutes and cheap.

Yes, there are cultural things. The cultures and religions are much more influential than the country.

The culture that comes from Muslim beliefs is the one that has made it worse for me. I do not like to work with them, you have to be alert and you can not relax, because as soon as they can give it to you. And a prostitute woman, for them does not deserve even a respect because you sleep with thousands of men. And they, who are puteros and fuck what they can afford. The best way to remove them is by raising the rates. I do not like to work in Muslim countries. I do not feel safe at all.

That’s what they produce me, no matter how rich some countries are. Those who come from Algeria and Morocco are the worst. They have not received an adequate education to live in this continent. Sorry for those who are not like that. I know that in this culture there are also wonderful and super hospitable people. But those who are not, are usually very son of a bitch.

I travel and work where I am comfortable

I could say more where I like to work more than to say  I prefer to fuck . I find the same everywhere. The one that likes to learn, participate and let go. And the one who wants sex that only he enjoys and never touch you.

So I repeat where they treat me well and value my service.

In Paris you can not never be relaxed.

I was writing and I have just received a client that I told him that please, when you go out, send me a message but it has been presented with 5 min. I already know why? Today to all who had called, I told them that I have a cold, that it was not the day. But this client told me that he did not care. Now I know why. Because of my cold, I used to say that I paid him a price. But who these people think you are?

I needed 20 min to get out of my house. I told him I did not want him to leave, please leave as soon as possible and he didn’t want to leave. I begged you please, go away. Please, please, please, svp svp svp. One question, if someone tells you more than 30 times please go, please go, what am I saying? You go, don’t you? Well, because I was able to stay calm until I left the house, but the situation has been unpleasant and disgusting.

He was negotiating a price for me and wanted to pay what he wanted and doing a quick blow job. In addition to strange movements, like looking at everything and told me to wash his hands. I didn’t trust him, he got to not trust on him and I’m not going to have sex with a person who does not give me confidence, of course. But he did not understand it and he did not understand that I did not do that service and he told me that because he gave me money. In the end he gave me my minimum and I told him to leave. I thought, at 30 min, I’ll be in the same. Also, that kind of people do not deserve anything! And he insisted that he already paid me what I wanted and that he did the service. I do not want to  that I decided if I want to do it or not! Well, he did not understand it. With the money in his hand. There are people who believe that with money they can buy everything.

This is France, it’s the bad thing it has. That you always find yourself in a bad situation that I do not need to endure. I put myself where I have to be. I was just writing it and a situation like this just happened to me. If I write this is for something, I do not lie.

I repeat “because you pay, you do not have to do what you want”.

I want clients that do not have to be aware if they steal me. I do not want clients to haggle me and above all they insist on me and less in my house. I want to be calm down.

SIMPAS (unpaid) is also on all sides, they have done it to me everywhere, even in Los Angeles, they caught me confident of being the first time I went. I am very confident until they show me the opposite, but the First, they usually give it to me. No class and cheek clients there are in all cultures.

Concluding, more than good lovers in bed, I prefer educated people, clean and respectful, if that goes well, the bed goes well almost certainly!

With a virgin, like someone who has come to me, it is not easy, because it does not depend only on me. A lot of experience and no experience is complicated.

Paris please, do not stress me much and educate the discourteous!

I have rented an apartment in Paris until April 10th. So, whoever goes through those dates or live in Paris and want to meet me or already knows me, I attend in a cozy and comfortable little studio in the 16eme. Or I also move on my scooter.

I remember that my service is directed to all genres. Women, men, couples, trans, gays, transgender, lesbians.

Women do not know when they are encouraged to have sex for sex, for pleasure, no matter with whom. As many men do it. A pleasure service.

Pleasure and Orgasms.


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