Every time I analyze more this world and I still see too many absurdities.

They prepare you to be a lawyer, to be a hairdresser and they do not prepare us for one of the most pleasurable things in life (when you know how to do) SEX.

I would create a school about sex. It would explain from the theoretical part to the practice. With following studies if you also want to work on it. They train you to play tennis, but not to fuck well.

It is exactly the same as the rest of the professions. But of course, it has not entered to the brain of people yet that being a sex worker is another profession.

Meanwhile, society is losing it.

I observe and feel that people are in need of good sex and good company. I say it in the same sense that we are in need of music, food and entertainment. For any reason there are many, there is not much time left for sex.

Sex is a basic clear need that the human being needs. I am convinced that a life rich in sex is healthier. Of course, as long as it does not become an addiction. So I do not know why society hides it and does not talk about this openly. It is neither intended nor wanted.

Avoiding  children.

The same phrase is always heard from all adults to excuse themselves with whatever it is that really bothers them, “Please do not get naked, because there are children,” please do not make a sound when You make sex, it’s better that children do not listen. “Then it happens that children when we get older, believe that sex and the nude is something dirty.

I remember this summer that in the house I had an outdoor patio and my floor was the ground, I was dared in putting me naked, while doing my exercises and so I took a sunbath at the same time. It is a perfect moment when it is a sunny day, you do not leave marks on your body and you also feel super comfortable with no clothes on.

Well, it did not take me two days to tell me the owner of the apartment that a neighbor had complained about it and “please stop putting naked in the patio of the house. And you know what he argued and excused, “There are children”.  Then let them see the children and let them see that it is something natural and normal. It does not seem natural to the adult because of the lack of habit and because of the sexual sense that it can represent, which is not at all.


It is so hidden talking about sex and nudism that we are not losing a very nice natural part very rewarding. We are focusing more on aesthetics, on make-up, on surgery, tiny bikinis than on natural beauty and natural instinct

However you are letting children to see weapons in the series, movies and wars on the news.

I think that kind of education is incredible. Where is the education and the advanced mentalities as we advance in science health technology? And why is not progress in sex and nudity ?. I’m sure there would be less shame and more self-confidence.

I love having made promiscuous, rather, bitch, no matter what the rest of them were; but I would never have discovered the wonderful world of sex. And above all discover sex without there being feelings or commitments. Let’s not mix Love and Sex.

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