Private companies do not have a heart, only they are worried about getting numbers and goals and they have forgotten to take care of people. They have copied a model of companies that they are less worried about the happiness of their teams/the workers.

This system of companies so exploitative and objectives doesn’t go with me. I have a great example to know what I am talking about. I worked in a spanish national insurance company where I worked for four years and in other jobs.

They use you and when they are no longer interested about you they fire you. They make an internal reorganization in the company and always they take away through various jobs without caring about your effort, commitment and personal life.


Also there is an environment created by many employees/managers who believe that they will inherit the company and they do not care anything  about their colleagues and they look more for the company than for the people themselves. Because they have one of those titles of Director, Manager, Executive.

They love giving orders so much because it must be that outside of work nobody takes too much attention to them and they take advantage from their title job.

It is not necessary to give orders to organize. I do not give orders to  my friends, my clients or my family.

All these positions of directors of multinationals and nationals where they  recive diets, hotels and trips that nothing comes out of their pocket. That is paid with the effort of all, even from the bottom, those who do the cleaning up to those who make cars. Titles are paid more than physical efforts.

People sewing 12 hours a day 6 days a week earn three, four or five times less than a manager who does not get his hands dirty.


And then there are the entrepreneurs who, instead of pampering their team, treat them as employees and force them to comply with what the agreement and what the unions say. Fulfill the hours stimulated and even sometimes more, without being paid. Raising people at 6 and 7 in the morning, because as they wake up so soon, being their business, the head does not stop them and has to drag at that pace to the rest. No more worrying about making everyone around you happy and motivated.

For me the success of a company is that workers go on Mondays happy, encouraged and pleasant to work. Not how most people go, that on Sunday most of them get depressed.


I prefer a different work system. As an independent, I’ve got the one that’s best for me.

That of lifting the world up so early and of forcing schedules, sometimes unproductive, to order and command, does not go with me. I do not like to give orders or receive them. I do not have the needed to be more than anyone.

And this system likes very much to be more than others. Be Important To be able to think: “I AM VERY IMPORTANT”.


And many times that money created by entrepreneurs are based on creating dissatisfied people in their companies and exploiting labor, is used for parties, prostitution, luxury items, houses with unnecessary square meters, caprices for family members, boats, etc … And your Work Team / Employees do not even arrive at the end of the month yet. That is not sharing with whoever is helping you create that money. Much selfishness I see, for having power and money.


Value yourself  because as you do not do it, nobody will do it and you will sell yourself or they will pay you a shit.

And today there is digital money that is unlimited. What happens is that we do not like to distribute it. “It’s mine”.

I have needed 7 psychotic outbreaks to get out of this so inculcated system. It was painful and unpleasant in its day, but it has been the only way to get out of it. And fortunately I have left with my small pension, just enough to complement my current job.

Being bipolar has helped me to see the tease that we have sold to the middle class. The businessmen with the banks build beautiful buildings with nice furniture and make us believe that working in a company is the dream of our life. Turning addicted people to work.

Depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, I am sure that most come by the system of working that has been created.

Let’s change it! How? Start by not accepting what does not make you happy.

According to the work environment created in a company, the best job in the world can become the worst and the opposite, the worst job in the world can be the best.

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