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My first nudist birthday at the Casa de Campo in Madrid 2022

I’ve been a naturist since 2000 and I thought it would be a practice that would spread quickly, but it hasn’t! It’s going slow!!! Between the shyness of getting naked and the fact that it is not known if it is allowed or not, society represses itself a lot in getting naked in public places, especially among women. Nudism is an experience that I recommend to everyone. The one who begins continues and for good reason. Being naked without any clothes covering your body, more freedom can be experienced! Take away complexes and shame.   Well, it turns out...

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The May zoom event was not held because I had surgery.

The May zoom event was not held because I had surgery. I had two fibroids. One of them was already very big and was beginning to bother me. So they have removed my fibroids, uterus and tubes. I no longer have a period. What a pleasure! I was hoping my period would go away already. It has been with me for many years and has been a real pain in the ass. From panties and pants stained with blood at inopportune moments, period pains, and unexpected arrivals. It’s over! By next month I will be super recovered to connect...

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Do you know what cisgender means?

I find it so incredible that the word cisgender was heard for the first time by me not more than two months ago from a Netflix series about the principles of pleasure Being cisgender is adopting the sexual preference that has been assigned to you at birth for being born with a penis or vagina. It is the way of knowingly and properly mentioning people who accept and assume by system how they have to dress, comb their hair, what colours to choose and above all what gender they have to fall in love with and marry. We...

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