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Private companies do not have a heart, only they are worried about getting numbers and goals and they have forgotten to take care of people. They have copied a model of companies that they are less worried about the happiness of their teams/the workers. This system of companies so exploitative and objectives doesn’t go with me. I have a great example to know what I am talking about. I worked in a spanish national insurance company where I worked for four years and in other jobs. They use you and when they are no longer interested about you they...

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Questions you should not ask on the phone to an Escort

Sometimes when I wake up  the first customer who calls me takes my embroidery! I do not like people, that brings out the worst in me, I like people, who knows how to calm me down. And me with the phone I have to have a lot of patience and if someone already does not have the quality to put in my place and understand and know how to get off, then I do not even bother to meet her. In this job you receive thousands of calls, your phone is online and there are many calls for fun...

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Travelling is what I like !!!

Travel hooks! And more with sex! London took away my smile but Los Angeles recovered it. Yes, the cold winter of Paris, has left me cold! In three days  I’ve got a  cold. I’m unable to work. I did not want to go to Los Angeles. I had bought a ticket for going to see a suppose friend, but he screwed it up when he saw that he was going to introduce me in his comfort zone and made excuses. I decided also to go. I have to be clear that I am a prostitute and that is how people...

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Having pleasure with masturbation Part II

Women also masturbate and  have a lot of pleasure And  toys are a very good option With men it is super common to talk about masturbation. Let’s make it easier  to talk about female masturbation. I masturbate. It seems incredible to me that there are cultures that do genital mutilation. Men are always trying to rule women. It is also very pleasant to masturbate during sex with other people. It should not be always done alone. And every day it is more essential to put toys in relationships.Toys and anal sex, in my opinion, triple the intensity of orgasm, both...

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45 years old is young!!

Mature Escort of course! We become professionals. Three centuries ago, it would have been science fiction to imagine that people in the 21st century lived to the age of 60. And even more unusual that many people would live to 90. It would have been  incredible! And now, it is estimated that the current generation will reach 140 years old. And as Eduardo Punset said long ago in his book Searching for Happiness. Someday, human beings will live to be 300 years old. I remember when I read that, my reaction was “How boring!”. Right now, I wonder what would...

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Cristina from Madrid until July 2 in Madrid

Escort Massage Service In Madrid until July 2 I love being in Madrid, but there is a neighbour who he doesn’t like me and he is trying to throw me out of my house. I do not understand anything anymore !!!! Let’s see if he will get tired  !!! How bad is the envy!! Just I want to live quietly.  ...

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