Sometimes when I wake up  the first customer who calls me takes my embroidery! I do not like people, that brings out the worst in me, I like people, who knows how to calm me down. And me with the phone I have to have a lot of patience and if someone already does not have the quality to put in my place and understand and know how to get off, then I do not even bother to meet her.

In this job you receive thousands of calls, your phone is online and there are many calls for fun and entertainment.

And others calls they are very educate asking you thousands of questions. Those are never come! The statistic says it.

The telephone part is essential to recognize a customer and after answering thousands of calls I can get a quick behavior from the person who is talking to you, you detect fast, who really are interested and who are the ones who have time and only want talk and ask you questions, those who just want to talk to you on the phone, get horny and even some wank. It is super unpleasant. And there are already questions that are a sign of that kind of customers. And just wake up those kinds of questions you have to have a lot of patience and I’m sorry, but sometimes I don’t have it. It’s hard!

I have a group with my colleagues in the profession where I ask them what bothers them the most they ask and these are some of the answers.

It is a copy and paste of the Whatsapps that I received

* Hi, what I do not like that the clients ask me is if I have sex without a condom, I do not like that they ask me personal questions of my private life, I do not like that when calling me on the phone knowing that I am an escort, asks cobras or it is for pleasure, I do not like that they ask me if they can come without commitment to see me, I do not like that they ask me if I want to go out for a drink (without paying), I do not like that they always ask me the nationality (that more gives of where one is, important is the deal and the person), I do not like that you ask me many questions, I prefer those who come to the point.

* Hello beautiful .. Xa my the q should not do always is the d if the photos are real .. Since they already doubt d all

* I send you mine !!! ?
1- send me photos (how did you choose me then? ?
2-What do you like to do? … xfavor do not make me waste my time, I charge x hour majete that I know you’re touching! ? And the state does not pay me x endure.
3-yx less money you do to me ??? …. you just dig your grave … I have already type you “little master and useless” .. consequence: my level of involvement will be the minimum and that you go how much earlier … if I do not enjoy it, neither will you with the difference that above you will always pay for …

* My hated question? The truth that … that you have put and separate then x example when they start to tell you that they have it big, and t asks if you do not like it.

These are some of the answers of my companions.

And a situation often, to send you a picture of the cock and ask yourself if you like it. That question is too much! why? Because we have seen thousands of cocks and we do not care what the cock is like. More important things are more important


I write this so that all the parties will get to know each other. We are bothered by so many questions. You when you take time at the dentist do not ask “What will you do when I arrive?”. Or call a hairdresser and ask him how are you going to comb my hair or cut my hair?

And that absurd question “what are you going to do to me?” We are not a hot line and we do not know the future. Because it is a paid service, it does not mean that we know what we are going to do. Each client is a world.

When we have not been on the other side, without realizing it, we do not realize it. But it’s as easy as knowing how to put yourself in the other person’s shoes. That is empathy.

I remember the time of flight attendant, who bothered us a lot in general, the people who get up to the bathroom in the middle of the food and drink service and interrupted us. There are cars in the middle of the corridors that you can not pass and you have to do virguerias for it and people have to go to the bathroom, can not wait. Well, I still see it in the many flights I do. Passengers continue to do it without thinking about those who are working and I still see the face of the saffron @ s, that weighed, can not wait for us to finish?

All jobs have something, above all customer service, that irritate and there are days with more or less patience.

I love having empathy and the more experiences I have in my life, the more empathetic I am. And empathy today is a well-appreciated fact that not everyone knows.


I love that finally, we have a Black List on pages that we can only see ourselves and in groups that we make ourselves. I already checked the number of who writes and calls me, before doing anything. And it’s  wonderful, many clients appear on that list and quickly I stopped wasting time with those people.Because in everywheres there are some fucking son. (I do not like swear words but it is the best expressed).

Before only forum people could comment and we were the ones we paid to be in the forums. How absurd were the administrators. They supported the clients more than the professionals. Who paid each month? Now we decide who should be in the BlackList and who should not. And as you enter in that BlackList it will be difficult to fuck when you want, even paying. It’s over, you can’t fuck even if you pay what you want and do what you want. And  reserving an hour and not being present or say anything! What lack of respect.

We are many women who do this because we like it and want it and those behaviors are no longer allowed. The woman already in the 21st century decides.

I still think about how women are forced to do something they don’t want, it does not enter in my head, as that type of men are able to behave like that. Where is a relationship of equality and respect that removes aggressiveness, pride and macho sex. But what sex?

I repeat myself and I keep repeating myself. There are more clients so polite, nice, great and good lovers than badly educated, disrespectful outside the business! NOMINATED.


Photo session in Paris with a partner as a model, but NO Escort. I point out, the girl who is with me is NOT Escort nor has anything to do with the profession. Only that we coincided that day at the same time with the same photographer.