I love Madrid in August

For those of you from abroad, although Madrid has the reputation of being hot, it is not unbearable heat and you can fight it well.

I have had some very cool days in Madrid accompanying a person for a few days. This was his first time in Madrid and seemed to be a wonderful city to visit. There are a number of places with water and places so comfortable that it does not surprise me that many students who come do not return to their cities. Madrid captures you.

My advice is to spend 5 to 7 great days in Madrid. And if you want someone to accompany you through Madrid, I am happy to do it. Although in truth, I have little time to be in Madrid. As I said in another comment after I leave the house in Leganés,  I am going to travel out of Spain. And I’m thinking about not coming back for a few years.

You can see my route in this link.

I have attached a photo session done abroad very close to what has been my home for 5 years, in Leganés in the Solagua neighbourhood.