Let’s talk again about sexuality and about the calls I receive from my advertisement as a sex coach.

I still get 100% calls from men.

It must be that women already know everything and they do not need to learn more. They have no doubts that their sexuality is full or it is that they do not like to have orgasms and pleasure. Or, they are happy to live without it or could be that with the Satisfayer (sex toy), they don’t need another person to have pleasure with.

Not men, men are insistent and are always looking for new sensations in sex. They are still curious and since it is normal for them to pay for it, they have more sex than women.

But women, what kind of sex do they learn if they don’t practice it either in marriage or outside of marriage?

Men pay and have sex, but women, I wonder how much sex they have throughout their lives?

Because I am a sex worker, otherwise I would be like most women my age, I would have a life almost without sex.

Luckily, I became a sex worker, otherwise, I don’t know if I would know how to give the pleasure that I give and have the pleasure that I have. I wouldn’t have learned it. Because what I have learned so far has taken me a lot of practice and a lot of time.

Sex. It is a pity that it is not part of what we are taught at school.

They should teach it at school instead of all that general culture that they put in your brain that you will probably forget.

I am clear that they have made me waste my learning abilities in my school years. What a waste of all those hours, getting up early five days a week and studying more than 5 hours a day.

That they teach you in school the pleasure of sex should be mandatory.


About the calls, I receive as a coach.

One issue that they raise with me a lot is that their partner no longer turns them on and they don’t get erect. Do I have a problem? No problem, it is clear that in 10, 20, 30 years, it is impossible for the same woman to make you erect, then it would be the lottery and amazing.

Imagine eating your favourite dish every day. I would stop liking it.

For men to get erect is super important because we have based sex on penetration.

A sexual world has been created where erection and size are important and they are forgetting that there are other ways to give and receive pleasure. Masturbation, toys, caresses. Also, many women like this better.

Really, for sexual pleasure, we don’t just depend on a cock that is erect. So what happens, that lesbians can’t have a super sex life?

Start looking for other ways to receive and give pleasure other than with an erection.


Some call you like you have to fix their sex life and give them a solution on a date.

They want habits of years to be removed by magic. As if you were a Goddess. I wish I could do that!


Many others think they are sick because they are addicted to sex. In the end, we are all addicted to something, be it sex, food, work, etc, (me to marijuana). It’s normal to be addicted to wanting to orgasm. Who doesn’t like an orgasm?

I think that being addicted to masturbation or sex is not a disease, nor nymphomania as scientifically labelled. Wanting to see it as that is a bad thing.

It is very easy to get hooked on the pleasure of orgasms. The body, the brain responds as with food and many other things that the more you like it, the more you want it.

In food, it causes obesity problems but in sex, it doesn’t make you fat or kill you physically, quite the opposite. I wouldn’t see it as a bad addiction or a bad habit. As long as it doesn’t pass the barrier of respect for other people and it affects you in your life.

If it affects you in your daily life and in your economy, then your addiction has taken control of you. You are making yourself a slave to your addiction. It can start to be a problem. If it is the addiction that controls you and you do not control it and it becomes a compulsive habit.

Here you have to get what we call the famous willpower. Learn to control yourself and know how to put aside that addiction, that bad habit. Willpower, no one can help you, it has to come from you.

Many people need to pay a coach or therapist to force themselves to change their bad habits, their addictions. They need to pay to force themselves and bring out that willpower.

The one that works best for me to get rid of habits that I don’t like, is to change my mind quickly. At first, it is difficult, but then it is done automatically. The first three weeks are crucial to getting it right.

If the constant thought of sex starts to bother you, find a replacement.

For example, if the thought starts, I want sex, start doing squats or push-ups; or call a friend or your mother; or put on a movie; or clean the house, etc.

There are thousands of books and information on the internet to change bad habits that you can apply to sex.



In general, a lot of calls are from not bothering to search a bit in the books and videos that we have in this day and age, thanks to the internet. Before I understood it, but now that there are a thousand pieces of information on the net, you have to be more self-taught. There are thousands of books, articles, videos everywhere. Now with the internet, we have most of the answers. You just have to spend a little more time on it.

Many times it is applying logic and finding common sense, but it is not done. It’s like always looking for a healer, but ultimately, the healer is oneself. It seems that if there is no money through paying therapies or taking medication, no action is taken.


I have learned throughout my life with professionals and everything on the internet to get the best out of me and not be addicted.

I have just worked on it and I have managed to create good habits. The important thing is to be patient and constant.

Medication as recommended by family doctors, urologists, sexologists or doing paid therapies so that a psychologist listens to you. I do not see them as very effective, especially in sex.


I suggest that they sign up for my sex talks, which are also free, but of all the calls I receive, only one has done so, which is Fernando.

Most do not dare to speak in public about sex and these talks make them ashamed. The shame of talking about sex, how absurd!

You can sign up from time to time where my sex talks are positive. It is necessary to talk about sex out loud and naturalize it and you will see that what seemed like a problem to you turns out to be something general that happens to others.

To participate in the sex talks, you can check the web events tab and you will see when the next talk will be. They are always made the last week of the month.



Meanwhile, I keep learning every day to be a better sex coach. I watch videos, read books, take courses, answer calls and continue to have sex almost daily. I’m not obsolete. I practice, practice and practice, which in the end is the most important thing, practice!