Zoom meetings consist of getting together once a month in a friendly way, without formal formalities. As you feel more comfortable or comfortable. Lying in bed, sitting with a coffee, standing with a beer, whatever you want.

You can be a simple listener without having to participate. Without having to connect your camera, it is your choice. Or be one of those who participate with your image and voice.

In meetings, what is sought is to talk about sexuality without taboos or barriers. That everyone feels free to say what they want without being judged. As long as they are not offensive comments to others, of course.

A topic is fixed every week and we talk about it, although many other topics always come up, but always related to sex.

The objective of this community and these meetings is to normalise Sexuality and take it out of the closet.

As a novelty, these meetings will be in two versions. Nudist and non-nudist.

Non-nudists can participate all registered in the community and can even invite whoever they want to participate. Register here if your want to become a member.

Nudists will be for Plus members only. Register here and become a Plus member

These meetings are held once a month and are notified in advance so that you can sign them up in your calendar.

Remember, you could only participate in the nudist and you will receive the invitation if you are a member (Fee € 33 / year), it is not valid for only those registered (Fee € 12 / year).

The meetings are in Spanish at the moment.

When the community is larger and there are more international members, they will be done in French in English. That is why it is important that in the registry you select the language or languages ​​that you can speak.