My mother says, that photos of filthy and I put the truth that I find artistic and I do not go in the sexual and erotic sense, I go more to artisitic and to teach. My intention with the nude is to make it natural and not to relate it sexually. But for this to be seen like this, there is a lot but a lot of progress and evolution. We evolved exaggeratedly in technology, art, science and not in the nude, our human body. It seems to me of little evolved to go to the arabaes countries where the woman is covered up to the feet. I think that if both believe in a God and God has given us face, tits, pussy, legs and feet, nothing happens to teach them. But men, they want their wife not to be seen by anyone and only for him. What a sad mentality.

Over the years, it has created a shame to teach your pussy and your tits, which they call you a bitch for doing it. I the truth that between my profession and my nude. Many people will think that I am not ashamed. And the truth!!! I do not feel embarrassed. With shame nothing is achieved at all. More shame would give me, represent my country and have it as it is. But embarrassment for charging for sex and for publicly showing my pussy and boobs, because the truth I think about it and quite the opposite, it gives me freedom and well being. In the end, as in everything, the important thing is the result. And my result is positive.

If we all teach, the weird thing would be to go dressed!

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