Mature Escort of course!

We become professionals.

Three centuries ago, it would have been science fiction to imagine that people in the 21st century lived to the age of 60. And even more unusual that many people would live to 90. It would have been  incredible! And now, it is estimated that the current generation will reach 140 years old. And as Eduardo Punset said long ago in his book Searching for Happiness. Someday, human beings will live to be 300 years old. I remember when I read that, my reaction was “How boring!”. Right now, I wonder what would be interesting about being 300 years old.

And in a week I will be 45 years old and many people ask me if I am getting too old to be an escort.. They think the physical body is more important than the service.I think that I learn everyday and I am surprised by how long someone can work like this. One can work as a prostitute as long as she wants. The important thing is to have a good portfolio of clients..And I started at age 38 and haven’t stopped, I have time to do it.And to do it, I give the best of me.  And if one gives good service, you can see it in how her portfolio grows.

Learn languages ​​and get a good portfolio.

. Many know that from time to time I have psychotic outbreaks. I call it now, I connect with other realities. And always in private companies I end up throwing. Or even my own projects I had to leave them aside for other reasons.

I sowed and I sowed and at the end up I did not have the opportunity to collect.

But since I work as Escort and for, myself without intermediaries in the middle, with everything I learned in my private and professional life, I have the great ability to make a portfolio of clients that no one is going to take. It is impossible. I have it so clear, that if I wanted to continue until my last days, I could continue working on sex. Although it is not my intention. I would like to not work my last years.

So out of the 45 that I meet until 70, which will be the age of retirement, I have time to be active and Please, don’t want anyone to throwme away, please! Still I have a lot of to doing!!  And also I have time, which is important! I have 25 years, for doing this.

The Customers are growing with you

June 20 my birthday.