When I started working as an Escort, I would not have imagined what this profession demands and what it brings you. I invite you to see the series that is on HBO, it’s Brazilian, The Business, O Negócio. The script is made by professionals, it is clear and I could bet that they are more men, than women in the team.

The prejudices of prostitution. How absurd! But while the prostitutes never come out of the closet. The prostitute who is ashamed of what she is doing, then this profession is not for her.

I am proud of my profession. It is teaching me thousands of things in life and in life. The most important thing of all, is that I am totally autonomous of myself.

Can I tell you more ???? I learn sex, I learn languages, I earn money, I have time to devote myself to cooking, cultivating, playing sports. I travel, I know people from all over the world. I know new places, a lot.  Now, I do not have time, for seeing my family and friends. In other stages I have seen them a lot. But now, work is the first thing and the least I have to do, until I buy a flat, is to work and don’t spend.

To be a prostitute is a way of life as well as a job. The system is established with money and everyone needs money to make life easier and more comfortable. Well, of course, I have to charge for my lifestyle, if not? what would I live? Malvivíria. And I already, I do not want to be on the side of the malvivir.

I live,  a person told me recently, as a Queen Whore.

May and June